Southern California Regional Rail Needs A Website

Southern California Regional Rail Authority

The Southern California Regional Rail Authority needs a new website.


  1. Website Redesign –The following deliverables are required:
  2. Participation in discussions and analysis to determine the design strategy, including documentation of proposed designs.
  3. Estimation of time, materials, and support needed to complete the redesign.
  4. Integration and development with a new CMS. It is highly desirable that most routine updates will be implemented via the CMS to increase the velocity at  which effective web site changes can be deployed.
  5. Web services including web page design, programming, template design and any other online development to be deemed necessary.
  6. Web Hosting – The FIRM will partner with SCRRA to assess the web hosting options and associated costs needed to complete the website redesign project. The costs for hosting the production website, as well as websites for Development and Quality Assurance (QA) will be borne by SCRRA. SCRRA will have ownership  and administrative control over these web properties.
  7. On-Call Digital Services and Maintenance – This effort includes assistance in developing routinely-needed/on demand web design, maintenance and development services, web graphics, video and animation.
  8. Digital Enhancements – The need to provide new information to customers combined with changes in technology necessitates continual enhancements.

Proposals are due by May 18, 2016 to:

Southern California Regional Rail Authority One Gateway Plaza, 12th Floor

Los Angeles, California 90012

Major PR firms with operations in California include Zeno Group, Coyne PR & ICR.

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