Split Testing Tools for Business Websites and Apps

Consumers tend to get tired if they are always looking at the same images and ads from the same companies, day in and day out. That means companies always have to reinvent their promotional campaigns if they want to be able to grab the attention of their target audiences. The best way for companies to better understand which elements of their websites can use some more work so they’ll be able to convert more customers is through split testing because these types of tests can make it a lot easier for companies to better understand the preferences of their target audiences.


One of the best full-feature split testing tools that are available to fast-growing companies or enterprises is Optimizely because it has a wide array of both testing and tracking features. This platform allows companies to run both multivariate and split testing, and there’s also an advanced testing feature that includes coding. Companies can also use it to hone in on their buying journey through targeting and personalization, and the platform’s exclusion groups allow businesses to run different tests on a single page without those tests having an impact on user experience or SEO efforts. It also provides drag and drop templates in its visual editors that make the process of creating tests a lot easier, and has a detailed reporting tool that gives companies highlights on which of their tests can have an impact on the website performance. It’s important to keep in mind that although Optimizely is very powerful, it’s not a great first option for beginner testers or companies that have smaller websites.


According to research, nearly 60% of all customers prefer to make their purchases through an app instead of any other purchasing option that’s available to them. However, it’s not always easy for companies to split test their apps. That’s where Apptimize can be very helpful, as the platform provides companies with split testing of their mobile apps, with a specific focus on the buying journey of the customers. Apptimize also provides website split testing too, and it’s a great platform for any businesses that frequently introduce new products. Companies get access controls, as well as permissions that allow them to limit the people that can make changes to a test, as well as an activity dashboard where they can see the testing stats they had in the past. The platform also provides great split and multivariate testing for websites, mobile sites, as well as apps, and analyzes the buying journey to figure out how it can impact conversions for a business. This platform is also a great option for companies that want to provide their audiences with more personalized customer experiences and learn more about the target audience.

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