SSPR: PR Agency Profile

Founded in 1978, SSPR leverages decades of industry expertise to communicate, engage, and nurture relationships with the media and key stakeholders. Building creative connections for-of-the-moment trends, the agency has honed its ability to deliver exceptional results for events ranging from startup PR to IPO announcements.

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, the agency has creative teams in San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Headed by CEO Heather Kelly, the creative teams employ its talent pool to surmount challenges and regularly collaborate to minimize conventional approaches to PR.

The award-winning PR agency has an outstanding service portfolio and successful campaigns focused on consumer and tech brands. These are highlighted below.

Key Services

Thanks to Kelly’s diverse team, the agency offers a variety of services that range from media relations to analyst relation services. To understand why these services have helped the agency bag accolades, here’s a spotlight on their key services.

#1. Media Relations Services

Having honed the skill to identify newsworthy stories for a wide array of businesses, the firm’s tailor-made and spot-on strategies and campaigns help brands engage audiences and disrupt their industries.

Key components in the firm’s media relations service include startup brand building, strategy and campaign planning, crisis communication, and analyst relations.

Having honed the expertise in building a social media presence across all platforms, the firm offers a tailor-made service, helping brands find their voice through optimized ads, strategic messaging, targeted engagement, and spokesperson training.

#2. Social Media Services

Components of SSPR’s social media service include social media advertising, community building, social media training, strategy brand building, and ROI tracking.

#3. Analyst Relations Services

Understanding the making of an effective AR strategy, Kelly’s team helps brands build the right analyst relationships with influencers in any industry.

Through a tailor-made analyst engagement strategy, the agency helps its clients with competitive analysis tracking, quarterly recap with feedback and reporting, identifying relevant industry analysts, and many more.

Key Campaigns and Accomplishments

Working with some leading brands, the agency achieved some telling results. These campaigns include:

#1. Advanced Technology Services (ATS) campaign

Seeking to increase its brand awareness and seeking to establish itself as an industry thought leader, ATS sought the expertise of Kelly’s team. The results were telling. SSPR secured more than 95 placements for ATS, in a period of six months. Notable placements include The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the US News and World Report.

At the same time, SSPR grew ATS’s social media presence. In one quarter, SSPR’s efforts increase ATS’s LinkedIn engagement by more than 140%. What’s more, providing strong thought leadership to business and manufacturing trade publications has elevated ATS’s leadership and prominence in its space.

#2. Whistle’s Campaign

With the pet tech industry poised to grow by more than 25% in 2025, Whistle sought a compelling outreach program that would elevate its brand awareness, drive more sales, and cement the brand position as an industry leader.

By identifying key reporters in the industry and sending them samples, SSPR managed to secure reviews and nurture relationships with major media outlets. Showcasing Whistle’s credibility, SSPR’s team shared expertise from industry experts on trending pet conversations, like how to avert pet anxiety during COVID-19.

In less than 90 days, SSPR raised Whistle’s spokespeople’s visibility among key outlets and increased demand from Whistle’s GO product. Through the tailored campaign, SSPR secured pieces of national coverage in leading publications like Fox Business Mashable, Better Homes Gardens, and CNET. The publications led to more than 700 million views and more than 4,000 shares on social media, leading to more than 700 new clients on Whistle’s website.

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