Starting in PR

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The public relations industry is quite powerful because it helps individuals and companies of all shapes and sizes improve their public image and reputation. PR agencies and professionals tend to have a large influence on their clients’ messaging and public perception. They are in charge of creating press releases for their clients, sharing stats and facts about them to relevant outlets and channels, and even working with their clients to navigate crises.  Anyone that wants to start working in the PR industry first needs to get an entry-level job or internship position in the field. That’s because companies in the PR industry need to ensure that every new hire is talented at writing, research, creativity, quick thinking, and problem-solving. Most PR agencies are also looking for people who are well-spoken since most of the time it’s PR professionals who represent both their clients and the agency they’re working for.

Getting a job

The first thing that everyone that wants to start working in the PR industry needs to do is explain to potential employers the reasons why they want to work in the industry. This explanation helps employers better understand how a potential new employee could help their clients present and sell their stories. However, before a new PR professional gets the chance to convince the agency’s clients’ target audiences, they first have to sell themselves to the agency. The interview and training process help PR agencies figure out which potential employees can establish and build positive relationships with reporters, journalists, and editors of various media outlets, and which are better at strategizing and problem-solving during crises.


There are hundreds of PR strategies that agencies use to help their clients become more successful in their promotional efforts. Despite a large number of strategies, one of the best ways that potential new hires can learn about the most efficient ones is by choosing a number of popular brands and analyzing their PR and marketing campaigns. There are plenty of things that people that want to get into the PR industry can learn from simply observing the marketing efforts of big corporations. They can learn all about the way brands represent themselves in digital spaces and on their storefronts, and the way they present themselves in media coverage. They can also learn more about the response from the public to that media coverage, and even how the brand is getting its target audience to resonate with its messages, product, or services. Having an in-depth understanding of those campaigns can greatly help potential new hires navigate the industry, which increases their chances of getting hired.

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