Startups and Social Media Platforms

There are plenty of different ways for companies to reach a number of people, such as appearing on various digital platforms, adapting a single piece of content to match those platforms, and more. The importance of social media for new companies has never been more obvious, however, there are some companies that still need help in navigating this field.


One of the most popular and common social media platforms is also one of the easiest places for companies to set up their accounts. Facebook is a platform that doesn’t actually favor a single piece of content, which makes it perfect for sharing long-form text posts, pictures, and videos alike. 

Additionally, the platform provides its users with a variety of features and helpful tools that can encourage and drive user engagement, be used to directly communicate with the target audience, and stay to connected with consumers.


This social media platform is driven by visual content such as photos and videos. This means the text in the caption of an image should be kept to a minimum, with the exception of crucial hashtags that help catalog the content on the platform itself. The hashtags also help companies make sure that the posts will be discoverable and visible to hundreds of different people.

Another feature the app provides for its users is stories, which allows for sharing temporary content which is usually something that’s currently relevant to the consumers. Although Facebook also has this feature, far fewer people actually utilize and keep up with it on that platform compared to on Instagram.


Another unique and very beneficial platform for companies is LinkedIn, which tends to attract completely different types of people with different attitudes and reasons for using the platform compared to the previous two. Companies that want to reach out to other professionals and businesses in the industry, as well as to gather insight into the latest industry news or events, can greatly benefit from this platform. It also has plenty of beneficial features which allow easier ad retargeting and make connecting to others a lot easier.


While this might not be a platform that is at the front of many business owners’ minds, it tends to tie in very well with all the other platforms on this list, especially when considering all the different types of content that can be promoted on the other platforms.

Video content is more important than ever for consumers, who are looking for more interesting ways to engage with brands and corporations rather than just through long-form text posts. This is precisely what makes YouTube such an attractive platform for companies, as it allows businesses to publish and catalog all of their video content and make it easy to navigate for the target audience.

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