State of Michigan Issues Marketing and Advertising Services RFP


State of Michigan Issues Marketing and Advertising Services RFP


This is a Statement of Work (SOW) for Marketing and Advertising Services to include talent marketing, talent advertising, media buying and placement, public relations, social media, creative and strategy development services for the Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development (TED). This Contract is available to other State Departments and MiDEAL members (authorized local units of government).


TED has an immediate need for marketing and advertising services for all Talent Retention, Talent Attraction and Going PRO programs. Marketing and public relations efforts are a core function of communicating Michigan’s talent message.

The core mission of TED is to retain, grow and attract talent for Michigan and improve Michigan’s image as a global leader in Talent Generation retention, growth, attraction and opportunity.

Crucial to this mission is developing and implementing an integrated marketing, advertising, public relations and social media campaign and plan to do the following:

  • Improve the perception of career opportunities in Professional Trades in Michigan.
  • Increase public awareness and visibility of the Professional Trades career opportunities in Michigan.
  • Establishing a perception of Michigan as a desirable place to live, work and play to retain and attract talent in the top career fields needed in the state.
  • Communicate that messaging to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Promoting Michigan as a global leader in talent retention, growth and attraction.
  • Positioning the State of Michigan as a home for high-tech industry and career opportunities

Scope of Work:

The Contractor must provide Deliverables/Services and staff, and otherwise do all things necessary for or incidental to the performance of work, as set forth below:


1) The Contractor must develop communication plans for projects/issues for appropriate target audiences, messages, message strategies, and communication vehicles that help meet stated objectives of each marketing and communications project initiated by TED.

2) The Contractor must identify new and emerging cost-effective ways to reach target audiences.

3) The Contractor must provide full spectrum marketing and advertising services for TED programs and priorities as directed by the Program Manager. In addition, there may be instances where TED needs additional writing, coordination or media services on an a la carte basis. This may or may not be part of a campaign and may or may not be forecasted. The Contractor must provide a quote for these services if requested by the Program Manager.

Market Research:

1) The Contractor must conduct market/audience research, as appropriate, to better assess and understand the target populations that the State is trying to reach with its communication efforts. This research may include the use of databases such as Nielsen, PRIZM, intercept surveys, focus groups, observational research, telephone surveys and other tools as approved to help determine/refine message and creative strategies.


1) The Contractor is responsible for developing an annual media plan which includes all individual media campaigns and their appropriate target audiences, messages, message strategies, and communication vehicles that help meet stated objectives. The Contractor must update this plan and provide to the Program Manager as they require it throughout the fiscal year.

2) Once this Media Plan is reviewed and approved by the Program Manager, the Contractor will proceed with developing individual Media Buys based on the Media Plans. The Contractor is required to submit these Media Buys to the Program Manager for review and approval. This must include:

  1. Paid media budget
  2. Target audience
  3. Flight dates
  4. Geography/media markets
  5. Advertising vehicles (TV, cable, radio, etc. and rationale)
  6. Media weight (gross rating point/GRP) levels and expenditures for each medium in each market
  7. Provide in-depth evaluation of all media vehicles (radio, television, print, outdoor, digital, etc.) available to the Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development throughout the State as requested by the Program Manager.

The Contractor is also responsible for advertising placement and must:

  1. Buy and negotiate radio, television, and cable air time, cinema, internet, publication space, outdoor and transit space, direct mail services, and any other media used for advertising and promotions projects. Negotiate matching spots, value added, bonus, and other creative means to further advertising reach.
  2. The Contractor must negotiate and purchase all forms of digital media including desktop and mobile if needed and approved by the Program Manager. The Contractor will continually optimize throughout the campaign to make sure the best results are achieved.
  3. Work to extend the budget through innovative ideas, creative partnerships, and aggressive negotiation skills to leverage funding available for paid advertising.
  4. Inform the Program Manager of and evaluate as requested any special or unique media placements or opportunities.
  5. Identify and recommend opportunities outside of traditional paid advertising to reach specific audiences.
  6. Negotiate make-good media-weight for any under-delivery to be scheduled during the next applicable paid media flight.
  7. Conduct a post-buy review/analysis on the placement of media and the effectiveness of media buys in terms of cost, reach, frequency, continuity, and message dispersion requirements, etc for each media campaign. No later than two months following the end of each media buy, the Contractor must submit this post analysis report to the Program Manager. The Contractor should use findings to refine current and future media plans. h. Provide follow-up reporting to the Program Manager including invoice reconciliation and audience delivery assessments with an objective of receiving plus or minus 10 percent of the Gross Rating Points (GRP) goal in the proposed media buy. i. Provide a final report of the base buy plus the bonus weight no later than 60 days after the media buy and bonus have aired to the Program Manager. Return on Investment (ROI) for the bonus weight must be included in the report.

Placement services include not only paid media but also value added media, Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) media, Michigan Cable Telecommunications (MCTA) media, and Michigan Press Association (MPA) media.

The Contractor must cooperate and work in tandem with third-party media auditing services to periodically examine and audit advertising released through the various media to verify that quality, timing, position, and distribution are consistent with the approved plans, guidelines, and industry standards. If, for any reason, the auditing service finds these conditions are not met, it is the Contractor’s responsibility to rectify the situation.


1) The Contractor is responsible for shipping/uploading all radio and television dubs, in the appropriate media formats, with traffic instructions, to stations in time to meet program deadlines.


1) The Contractor must create high-impact, modest-budget creative strategies and tactics.

2) The Contractor must refresh existing ads as requested and develop new ad themes, campaigns, and campaign assets, including 15-second, 30-second TV ads, radio ads, pre-roll, billboards, etc., as necessary.

3) The Contractor must design collateral materials (such as banners, posters, radio liners, web banners, printed pieces, digital creative, social media creative, etc.)

4) The Contractor is responsible for developing or modifying advertising/marketing/creative concepts within established budgets, including but not limited to 30-second TV, 15-second internet pre-roll, OOH, digital creative, and 30- and 60-second radio spots.

5) The Contractor is required to prepare a creative brief and present at least three (3) creative concepts, which the Program Manager reviews. One (1) concept is taken to final art or script and storyboard, which is routed for review and comment. Once changes are made and reviewed, the concept will receive final approval from the Program Manager to move forward.

6) All communications must be diverse and culturally competent.

7) All creative concepts/materials/productions must be copyright free, including non-rights managed visual materials (to be used in print, online, and other forms) and full buy-out (unrestricted use) of talent in all Michigan media (broadcast, cable, and online) for a minimum four-year period. The Contractor must ensure that in negotiations of talent rights, the State will be signatory on all talent/property rights.

8) The Contractor is responsible for developing, managing, and executing social media/new media strategies and deliverables (including mobile, interactive, Pandora) to complement advertising and earned media campaigns.


The Contractor is responsible for:

1) Directing and coordinating all aspects of production for television and radio production, including seeking at least three (3) bids for best pricing. This includes:

  1. Scouting locations
  2. Securing studio and/or voice recording facilities (voice studios must offer high-quality connections for off-site talent)
  3. Casting screening and talent recommendations
  4. Identifying music
  5. Providing Special effects
  6. Film shooting, recording, editing, and post-production
  7. Delivering rough cuts and finished spots to the Program Manager for final approval within the timeframe defined by the Program Manager, but no less than one (1) working day (in most cases rough cuts should be ready five working days after filming/recording)
  8. Producing and duplicating media materials as needed in a variety of formats including but not limited to Beta, Digital Beta, wmv files, mov files, mp3 files.

2) Producing internet/web project deliverables including:

  1. Repurposed-TV ads
  2. Banner ads
  3. In-game ads
  4. Social media graphics, etc.

3) Producing other project deliverables including:

  1. Billboards
  2. Posters
  3. Banners
  4. Flyers
  5. Email marketing messages, etc.

Additional Services:

Earned Media and Public Relations Earned media statewide, regionally and nationwide is an important part of an ongoing campaign. The Contractor must assist in the planning and implementation of an earned media campaign.

1) Provide public relations services and counsel when required by the Program Manager.

The Contractor must conduct public relations services and counsel as they arise. This is estimated to occur on an ongoing basis.

The Contractor’s work will include, but not be limited to:

  • Implementing media outreach, earned media opportunities with media across all outlets and beats; i.e. news, business, education, site selectors.
  • Developing talent-specific editorials, articles and outreach materials, as well as work with the team on media pitches.


As a one-time project upon award, the Contractor must review existing campaigns and performance reports in order to provide recommendations to maximize value from the existing media mix.

Due Date:

April 30th, 2018.


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