State of South Carolina Issues Marketing RFP

2018-05-31 by EPR Staff

State of South Carolina Issues Marketing RFP

Midlands Technical College:

The purpose of this solicitation is to provide sources for marketing, advertising, consulting and related fulfillment services as listed herein for Midlands Technical College. The College seeks to develop an ongoing relationship with a reputable and qualified marketing and advertising agency to support the efforts of the College to position itself in the market and implement strategic, integrated marketing plans.


At heart, Midlands Technical College is a forward-thinking, proactive college that believes in real-world experiences and hands-on training in a diverse atmosphere. We are redefining what a technical college is, through the range of programs we offer, partnerships with local employers, and facilities with high-tech equipment–including some you won’t find anywhere else in the state. Whether you choose Midlands Technical College before transferring to a four-year institution or are ready to embark on a rewarding career path, we are the real deal.

Scope of Work:

Broad examples of such anticipated services include: Account Management/Coordination, StrategicConsultation/Planning, Public Relations Management/Coordination, Copywriting, Creative Direction, ArtDirection/Layout/Design, Mechanical Artwork, Production/Production Supervision of Print/Digital/TV, Program Research/Analysis, Media Buying/Placement, and Event Planning/Marketing/Coordination.

Specific examples of these services include:

  1. Assist in strategy implementation to extend the College’s existing overall marketing communications and advertising strategy;
  2. Identify the most effective media in which to communicate with specified target audiences;
  3. Assist in earned media placements and editorial leveraging;
  4. Research, negotiate, and place paid media buys;
  5. Counsel, assistance with, and/or turn-key execute special projects (including but not limited to commercial, video, print, direct mail, multi- media, digital, events, advertising) from beginning to end.

Specific related tasks could include:

  1. Copy writing/editing;
  2. Design and layout;
  3. Administration and production management; and,
  4. Media buys and campaign reporting;
  5. Research and analyze competitors’ efforts;
  6. Provide recommendations for marketing, public relations, media and outreach;
  7. Test, evaluate, and measure the effectiveness of the campaign(s) with target audiences and adjust as needed;
  8. Provide public relations services on a non-exclusive project basis;
  9. Create tailored communication strategies for specific audiences as determined by the overall market positioning and College goals;
  10. Recommend best practices for marketing outreach particularly in the areas of digital marketing, direct mail, advertising and social media;
  11. Update marketing planning and strategies as needed (at a minimum on a semester basis);
  12. Consult with other MTC marketing contractors as needed to ensure consistent implementation of the College’s brand and strategy;
  13. Provide other marketing goods and services as identified over the course of the contract period; and,
  14. Develop and produce new advertising material and creative for billboard, television, radio and other forms of advertising in a manner consistent with media industry best practices.

Due Date:

June 1st



Northeast Campus

151 Powell Road,

Columbia, SC 29203

Lou Hammond Group has a strong South Carolina office.