State University of New York Issues Advertising RFP

State University of New York Issues Advertising RFP


The State University of New York (SUNY) wishes to procure professional services for the design and placement of recruitment advertising for University employment opportunities, research studies and research subject selection in major publications, journals and internet placements on a local, statewide and national level. Requirements may fluctuate from year to year based on need and budget, and therefore, cannot be guaranteed. Past expenditures for advertising have been approximately $500,000 annually.


The State University of New York is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States, educating more than 467,000 students in more than 7,500 degree and certificate programs on 64 campuses with nearly 3 million alumni around the globe. SUNY is committed to reduce administrative costs, maximize efficiencies and move resources toward academics and student services.

Scope of Work:

  • Place employment-opportunity advertisements in all newspapers, trade magazines, trade journals, other publications and websites as requested and approved by the campus.
  • Provide ad layout and graphic design services for the advertisements. Prepare final copy for campus approval and eventual publication.
  • Provide professional camera-ready copy in a consistent manner to campuses.
  • Provide “click response” reporting services so that campuses can measure their return on investment of the advertisements placed.
  • Provide research services for determining appropriate publications and websites to be utilized in the advertising of position vacancies. Identify a variety of advertising providers in support of institutional diversity and affirmative action efforts.
  • Review advertising copy with the campus prior to publication to determine accuracy and compliance with publication instructions.
  • Provide job wrapping or the automation of capturing SUNY employment opportunities from SUNY websites to immediately advertise on SUNY–specified job boards.
  • Represent and advocate for SUNY in negotiating best-available discounted advertising rates with various publications, and have the ability to reserve advertising space in publications prior to providing the actual advertising copy, to allow for later deadlines.
  • Provide a means for rapid and easy exchange of written information between the bidder and the campus through courier or electronic means, insuring that information can be received, copy approved, and ads placed in the shortest possible time.
  • Provide assistance with budget management (including quarterly expenditure reports), campaign planning, and unbiased suggestions for advertising sources based on historical ad placement data.
  • Provide timely cut-off day to campus contacts to meet deadline for weekend ad publication.

Due Date:

May 24th


Among the graduates of the SUNY System in the PR world is 5WPR founder Ronn Torossian.

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