Stormy Daniels Wants to ‘Set the Record Straight’

Stormy Daniels Wants to ‘Set the Record Straight’


Over the years, many different Presidents have been linked to many different women. Those connections have created a host of PR issues for both the Presidents and the women. Now it’s former adult film star Stormy Daniels in all the headlines, just bursting to tell everyone all about her alleged affair with President Trump.

That’s a story many media outlets are just as desperate to print, and it could be a big payday for Daniels… if she gets to tell her story.

The Gag Order:

At present, Daniels is somewhat constrained in her ability to discuss the situation due to a nondisclosure agreement she signed prior to the 2016 presidential election. That’s a circumstance Daniels’ attorneys are hoping to nullify. According to a recent suit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Daniels argues that the NDA is not valid, because “Mr. Trump did not personally sign the document.”

Daniels claims she’s not out to damage the President, only to “set the record straight,” whatever that may entail. She also says she isn’t looking to profit from the story, but that seems to stretch credulity a bit. After all, the going rate for any salacious details about a sitting President will always be high. Those kinds of details about this President would command a premium… and everyone knows it.

Murky Business:

The story’s so potentially profitable that Daniels is already teasing it, claiming she began an affair with Trump back in 2006 and continued it well into 2007. That story may be a tough sell, as Daniels has previously claimed she and the President did not have an affair. This “we never did” is the same version of the story told by Mr. Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, who also claims no affair ever took place. Cohen did admit paying Daniels more than $100,000, though the reason for this payment was not specifically disclosed.

The big question, at this point, is not really whether or not the affair happened. Trump fans are likely to ignore Daniels, writing her off as a someone trying to build a bigger brand through the popularity of Trump. Those who don’t like the President are just as likely to believe Daniels and decide Trump is even more of a scoundrel that they previously believed. After all, he had only been married about a year when the alleged affair supposedly took place.

So, did it happen? And, whether or not it did, will the media get their windfall of Daniels’ story? Time – and this lawsuit – will tell. In the meantime, Daniels is taking full advantage of having her name in all the papers.

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