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Workforce Solutions Capital Area Workforce Board (Board) is seeking proposals from experienced professional firms to provide strategic communications and public outreach/marketing services to the Board.


The Workforce Solutions Capital Area Workforce Board (hereinafter, “WFS”, “the Board”, “Workforce Solutions”) serves as the leadership and governing body for the Austin/Travis County workforce system. The Board administers workforce development services/programs with its Board of Directors representing business, education, labor, economic development, community-based organizations, and public


The Board was organized in 1984 as a non-profit corporation in the State of Texas, with tax-exempt status under IRS code 501(c)(3). It is part of the Texas Workforce Solutions Network – comprised of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and twenty eight (28) local workforce boards. The Board also serves as the designated grant recipient and administrative entity for workforce development program funds allocated to the Austin/Travis County workforce

development area.


The contractor will provide the following services to Workforce Solutions Capital Area



a. Work with WFS business units to develop customer personas (i.e., find customer

needs, pain points, and lifecycle stages) for service lines to better inform messaging and improve connection with customers. This includes, but is not

limited to:

i. Customers seeking job training services, and

ii. Employers seeking well-qualified employees.

b. Develop creative strategy to align and improve creative assets and messaging

that are needed for general outreach, engagement, and enrollment. This

includes, but is not limited to:

i. Direct job seeker engagement; and

ii. Employer recognition programs and industry sector partnerships.

c. Help develop and set KPIs to measure outcomes of customers reached and

engagement toward conversion.

d. Seek to coordinate with and compliment other related business-to-business and

business-to-consumer optimization efforts of WFS.

Public outreach functions (related to programs administered by WFS):

a. Assist in finding opportunities for and developing media pitches aimed toward

increasing participation in job seeker programs and employer initiatives.

b. Assist in planning (i.e., agenda-setting, messaging, and logistics) and attending

events. This includes, but is not limited to, media events and community

engagement sessions (estimated one per month) to connect the community and

employers with WFS’ services.

c. Assist in the development of talking points for CEO or designee for special

events and press conferences.

d. Support WFS staff in the development of print/digital content to promote

programs, events, and/or outreach campaigns.

e. Assist in the development of social media calendar in consultation with WFS


f. On an as needed basis, serve as a communications consultant to promote WFS’

programs, initiatives, and/or events for public outreach purposes.


Electronic copy must be emailed to WFS Procurements at by Response Deadline, 12:00PM (CST) on

March 18, 2022.

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