Successful Marketing Strategies for Shopify

How to Get Sales on Shopify
How to Get Sales on Shopify

Having a marketing strategy in place for a Shopify business can directly impact the number of sales a company is making, as well as its success. According to research, companies that have specific marketing strategies to promote themselves tend to generate over 400% more success than the ones that don’t.

Product promotion

One of the underutilized communication tools that are available to every business is SMS marketing, which is very beneficial to Shopify businesses. That’s because over half of all customers actually prefer getting text messages instead of emails in terms of promotional content from companies, but just over 10% of businesses actually send out text messages to their customers. Furthermore, most people tend to open every single text message that they receive which means businesses that send out text messages to their customers generate a lot more engagement from those text messages compared to any email marketing efforts. After all, text messages are the most direct form of communication of business can have with its target audience. Shopify businesses can rely on text messages in their marketing efforts to notify customers of product giveaways, sales, discounts, order confirmations, customer support messages, shipping updates, and even target specific potential customers with personalized promotional offers.

Loyalty programs

Another great promotional strategy for Shopify businesses is creating a loyalty program for customers so that the business can create a solid base of previously satisfied customers that will continue to come back to the business in the future. With the help of a great loyalty program, any business can keep its customers coming back for more in the future, which is a very affordable and cost-effective strategy for retaining customers, compared to trying to acquire any new potential customers for the business. To create a successful loyalty program, businesses first need to ensure that they’re going to be providing the customers with something of value such as limited edition access to specific products, discounts for specific sales, or even points that they can exchange for bigger discounts whenever they refer others or write reviews of their purchases.

The main strategy behind any sort of loyalty program from a business is the fact that they need to be as easy as possible for people to join and reap the benefits from them. That means customer loyalty programs need to be available to every single potential customer, even the people that haven’t made a purchase yet because the business can make more people join the loyalty program, and then get them to make purchases at a later date too. Businesses can also include different types of rewards in their customer loyalty programs that don’t just include points and discounts, but things like free products, shipping, and more. Lastly, the best way for a business to create a very effective customer loyalty program is to simply ask the customers about the type of rewards that they want to get from the business through a survey.

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