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Brian Solis

Brian Solis is an anthropologist, social media thought leader, a digital analyst, and futurist, He is also principal at Altimeter Group (a research and advisory firm), and a worldwide renowned speaker. Solis looks at the casual effect of technology helping people understand how to use it better. He’s an award-winning author. His books include What’s the Future of Business (WTF), The End of Business as Usual, and Engage! His work with clients from Altimeter Group and speaking gigs has him traveling the world frequently. Highly sought after, he’s known as a thought leader in innovation and digital transportation.

Solis began his career in public relations and technology marketing back in 1991. His blog is ranked in the top 10 of Ad Age’s top 150 list. His home base is in the San Francisco Bay area and well ... the man loves a good selfie.

Brian Solis: Blurring Brand and Experience

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Brian Solis is a leader in the world of digital communication, branding, and marketing for corporations. He is a digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist for his company Altimeter and is popular keynote speaker for businesses looking to invest in a digital age. The main topics that he addresses are the ways that businesses and corporations […]

Moment of Truth Time: Choosing the Right Messenger

Brian Solis at a recent PRSA event in Philly

What will it take for individuals, for businesses, even governments to understand survival? Why can’t we recognize being a visionary is not about discovering something new always? Being a visionary is often about being the first to be reminded of logic, reality, truth – and then evangelizing it to other people. The future cannot be, without the building blocks of the past.

The Foregone Conclusion of a Twitter Marketing Funnel: Like It or Not

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I just got off Skype with a friend and client whose company absolutely defies any suggestion Twitter is a viable marketing tool. You read that correctly @briansolis. Believe it or not, there are millions or companies out there that would refuse and refute ANY channel preferred by clients, if a decision maker in the crew is adamantly enough against the channel.

Michael Kempner MWW says Go Mobile Or No Go Nowhere

Tech companies now bill their smart devices as "life companions" - courtesy SamsungTomorrow

Michael Kempner is one of the smartest men I know. His company, MWW Group, is also one of the smartest big time PR firms in the world. The reason I’m telling you what you may already know is so you heed the advice I’m about to offer your business. Heck, he advises world leaders, surely your business can’t lose listening at least, now can it?

LikeHack: A Lot to Like and Unlike

A Russian startup,, has launched a new app which allows for personal content curating, filtering feeds, and to acts as a personal search engine of sorts. According to the developers, LifeHack will save social types in excess of an hour every day.

So You Want Influence, Go Ask Brian Solis

Brian Solis at a recent PRSA event in Philly

Brian Solis is one of the most respected experts on the social web. The founder of Futureworks PR recently conducted a joint study with Vocus in order to reveal the elements of influence on the web. Everything PR News takes a look at the study, Brian, and the value of being influential.