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Successfully Shifting Operations and Strategies

2021-08-30 by Julio Juarez
Pokemon GO bonuses

The viral smartphone game Pokémon Go is turning five this year, and despite not being as viral as when it first started, it’s still as popular as when it was first introduced. The game has a large number of fans, creating various anniversary events around the world, and is making a lot of profit. According to certain analytics, it seems like the game has brought in over $5 billion since it was first launched back in July 2016. That means it averages around a billion dollars every year, for a game that first began as a viral sensation. This means... Read More >

Building a Conscious Business

2021-04-19 by Jim Crickell
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Beyond simply getting profits, plenty of business owners start out with another clear purpose and values that accompany the main purpose, especially when it comes to making any business decisions. As people are constantly changing and evolving, it’s normal for business owners and their companies to want to have their organizations exist in a similar manner. Put simply, conscious businesses are those that are able to build profit through values, according to Fred Kofman, the leadership development advisor at Google. This notion signals the change of companies - instead of companies largely focusing on making the most profits possible, they’ve... Read More >

Standing Out From The Crowd

2021-01-18 by Ronn Torossian
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The online marketplace is getting crowded as we speak. The amount of available information online has started making people overwhelmed, to the point where their only choice is to step away from digital platforms and reconsider what’s important to them. This is true for both brands and consumers, and the best way to get around this issue is to stand out from the crowd by creating an original and unique offer that attracts everyone’s attention. Plenty of business owners prefer to follow a previously outlined strategy and only do things as they always have been done, without ever experiencing or... Read More >