Kevin Hart tries to repair his reputation

2017-09-25 by Ronn Torossian
Kevin Hart tries to repair his reputation

As a comedian, Kevin Hart wasn’t afraid to work blue, but he wasn’t really known for it. The comic and actor built a reputation as friendly, family man who beat the odds in Hollywood. Now, that reputation has come crashing down around him, and Hart is facing the consequences of not bending to what he calls “extortion.” The incident stems from a night out drinking and partying in which Hart was, unbeknownst to him, photographed and videoed in several compromising situations with women who were not his wife. Not long ago, Hart says he was contacted by someone who said... Read More >

Rapper Jay-Z makes public tribute to embattled QB Kaepernick

2017-09-25 by EPR Staff

The PR roller coaster that is Colin Kaepernick just won’t die. Even as the NFL seems to have left the quarterback out of this season for his outspoken views, others are taking the baton and running with it. Some, too, are making a public stand in favor of Kaepernick and his protest. Most recently, rapper and mogul Jay-Z stopped his first headlining New York show in several years to pay tribute to the embattled (possibly former) quarterback. Brooklyn’s own Jay-Z was well into his 90-minute set at Citi Field in Queens when he stopped to offer this: Dedication to Kaepernick... Read More >

Danish inventor facing murder charges

2017-09-14 by EPR Staff

Danish inventor Peter Madsen will have his day in court, but, in the court of public opinion, he is in dire straits … and many are saying it’s well deserved. Charges Against Madsen According to multiple international news sources, Madsen will be charged with “murder” and “indecent interference with a human corpse” in the case of the death of journalist Kim Wall. Madsen was already being held on manslaughter charges, and now the new charges will be added to the growing list of horrific crimes for which he has been accused. According to Danish authorities, Wall was last seen boarding... Read More >

Bortles not impressing in Jax

2017-09-11 by EPR Staff

Quarterback Blake Bortles was supposed to be the savior for the moribund Jacksonville Jaguars. He had all the skills: the arm, the pocket presence, the accuracy. Coming out of college he was a strong leader with a major upside. The Jags made Bortles the third overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. When he wore that hat for the first time, everyone was all smiles. Too Much To Blame Not too many folks have been smiling since. Blame the bad defense, the inconsistent running game or the spotty offensive line, but Bortles has not performed up to expectations. He’s shown signs... Read More >

Bill Nye the Accountant Guy

2017-09-08 by EPR Staff

Bill Nye burst onto the national consciousness as the host of a Saturday morning kids TV program. He was there to get kids excited about science, and, by most accounts, he did a great job at that. Then, for a few decades, Nye disappeared from the public view. He’d pop up here and there, but, for the most part, he was living on reruns of his program and pursuing other things … like studying other fields of science. Then, as politics began to grow more entrenched in modern politics, Nye reappeared, speaking directly to his former fans, many of whom... Read More >

O’Reilly set to sit down with CNN

2017-09-06 by EPR Staff

Six months ago, Bill O’Reilly was riding high. One of his top competitors at the network he helped put on the map, Megyn Kelly had jumped ship for two shows on a rival network. He was positioning his brand as the undisputed top dog at the network. Then, in about a week, it all came crashing down. Accused of sexual harassment, O’Reilly was out … humiliated and unemployable in the TV news entertainment industry. O'Reilly's Last Ditch Effort O’Reilly denied the allegations, but he was too hot to touch. Even some of his longtime supporters quickly abandoned him. O’Reilly went... Read More >

Stars step up for Harvey relief

2017-09-04 by Ronn Torossian
celebrity hurricane harvey reliefg

When tragedy strikes, Americans know how to come together. From endless lines of supply trucks and Red Cross buses full of volunteers to the “Cajun Navy” and tireless first responders, Americans have descended on southeast Texas to help those in need after Hurricane Harvey. Hollywood has shown up too. In most cases, stars have come out with little fanfare, leveraging their celebrity to increase donations or make connections. One of these helpful stars is Texas native, Jensen Ackles. You may know him as one-half of the lead in the long-running TV drama, Supernatural. Ackles is stuck in Vancouver filming on... Read More >

Algemeiner Newspaper to Unveil ‘J100’ List at Red Carpet Gala

2017-08-31 by EPR Staff
Algemeiner newspaper

Annual Event to Include Milos Zeman, President of Czech Republic, Famed Artist Yaacov Agam, Stuart and Robbi Force, TV Personality S.E. Cupp, Philanthropists David and Mona Sterling. The famed Algemeiner newspaper will pay tribute to the "top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life" at its 4th annual ‘J100’ Gala in New York City on Monday, September 18th at 6:00 PM at Cipriani, located at 25 Broadway. Billed as the Jewish answer to the TIME 100 gala, the event unveils for the first time this year's list of the "top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life," many of whom will be present on the night.... Read More >

News From MWWPR, Hope Hicks, Porter Novelli, and Philadelphia PR Association

2017-08-28 by EPR Staff

MWWPR to Represent the Borough of Ringwood Ringwood has hired MWWPR to deal with communications connected to the Ford Superfund and fears of the residents about possible impact on the Wanaque Reservoir from the former Ford Motor Company dump and plans to cap the industrial contamination rather than clean it up. One of the assignments suggested for MWWPR to complete is an online site based on facts and written in plain language to explain what is happening and its impact. According to the Borough Manager, Scott Heck, “the borough has a responsibility to its residents to provide accurate and factual... Read More >

R Kelly accused of abuse

2017-08-10 by EPR Staff

Remember the old days, back when R Kelly was only known for R&B? Those days are long gone. These days, the former singer has been in the headlines so often for “other” activities, that he’s fast becoming a punchline. But now, things are getting even worse as he tries to make his comeback. Civic leaders in Fulton County Georgia have said they want an upcoming concert by Kelly canceled. The reason for the suggested ban is a recent media report in which Kelly was accused of “mental and physical abuse” of young women. The Fulton County Commission sent a letter... Read More >

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