Bachelor Investigation Comes to an End: Questions Remain

2017-06-29 by EPR Staff
bacherlor investigation comes to an end

Reality TV has always thrived on drama, but it’s not supposed to happen like this. According to recent reports, “Bachelor in Paradise” will finally resume shooting after a ten-day stoppage to investigate “allegations of misconduct” among some cast members. Misconduct? Yes. Sure, that might sound like the standard of behavior on “reality” TV programs, but not this kind of misconduct. At least one member of the production team accused two others – Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson – of what everyone is now calling “misconduct.” Translation: Jackson and Olympios “allegedly” engaged in relations in a pool during filming of the... Read More >

O’Donnell Agrees to Terms with MSNBC

2017-06-07 by EPR Staff
O’Donnell Agrees to Terms with MSNBC

So far this year, Fox News has seen a lot of turmoil among its biggest names. Meanwhile, other networks have been able to sit back, point fingers and grin a little bit about the negative headlines generated by the troubles suffered by their competition. Then, somewhat out of nowhere, MSNBC stalwart Lawrence O’Donnell tweeted up a firestorm. Most of the media world was likely unaware that O’Donnell was in contract negotiations with his network, much less that those negotiations were not going very well. Here’s O’Donnell’s tweet: “Contract expires June 4. I'll let you know where you can watch me... Read More >

Jennifer Garner Defends Herself After People Magazine Piece

2017-06-05 by Ronn Torossian
Jennifer Garner defends herself after People Magazine piece

When you’re a celebrity, even if you haven’t been in the spotlight in a while, there will be some people out there who want to know all your business. Sometimes, this is a good thing. In fact, it can be a very good thing. When you have something to promote or a new property is about to launch, you want to get some eyes on you and your brand. Of course, sometimes you just want your life to be a bit more private than that. Especially, the painful parts. This dichotomy can catch up with entertainers, causing some to lose... Read More >

Celebrity Hacker Who Stole Nudes Pleads Out

2017-05-17 by EPR Staff
Celebrity hacker who stole nudes pleads out

The internet is awash in both legitimate and “fake” celebrity nude photos. Some celebs “leak” these pics to grab some relevance or to help promote a new project. Others do it “just because” … but many, many celebs are embarrassed to have their privacy invaded when nudes are posted without their consent. Such is the story for superstar actress Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games and X-men fame. When her obviously private and never intended for public consumption pics hit the net, the typically outspoken star was no less verbose. She called the hack and subsequent release of the photos on... Read More >

Power Ranger Headed to Prison

2017-04-07 by EPR Staff
Power Ranger Headed to Prison

For a generation of American kids, most who are now adults, the Power Rangers were the ultimate superhero team. The color-coded ninjas with their powerful “zords” wreaked havoc on a universe of evil while their teenage alter egos wrestled with typical adolescent angst. Now, all that adventure is coming to the big screen, and the advertisements are everywhere … but that’s not the only Power Ranger in the headlines. Ricardo Medina, Jr., who played the Red Ranger on Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002 and voiced Deker on Power Rangers Samurai in 2011 and 2012, was recently sentenced to six... Read More >

Kesha Speaks Out About Online Bullying

2017-03-21 by EPR Staff
Kesha Speaks Out About Online Bullying

And now for a public service announcement from … Kesha? Yes. The singer, songwriter, and rapper has been at the center of many harsh online “conversations,” and now she’s speaking out about online bullying. At the recent SXSW festival, she took part in a panel discussion on the topic and left no confusion as to where she stood on the world wide web: “I use the Internet to connect to my fans… Aside from that, it's not a healthy place for me.” During the conversation, Kesha said the constant stream of input, so much of it relentlessly negative, used to... Read More >

Study On The Top 20 Celebrity Influencers

2017-03-10 by EPR Staff
Study On The Top 20 Celebrity Influencers

The numbers and statistics are in, and we have the info to share from a study by celebrityintelligence.com on the top celebrity endorsers and influencers during 2016. Number of Brand Contracts The top three influencers as measured by number of contracts with various brands are Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Iris Apfel, with fashion endorsements on social media being the top of the list when it comes to branding. Those fashion names include UGG, Marc Jacobs, and Tommy Hilfiger. Other top influencers by number of contracts include Stephen Curry, Ashley Graham, Gigi and Bella Hadid (sisters), and Emily Ratajkowski. From the... Read More >

Remy and Minaj Still Beefing

2017-03-08 by EPR Staff
Remy and Minaj Still Beefing

Remy Ma is still going after Nicki Minaj, and fans of the singer, rapper, and talent show judge are looking for Minaj to fire back. The Hip Hop beef began when Ma dropped “Shether,” in which the female rapper dumped all over her fellow lady gangsta. Then Ma added another punch with her next single … and Minaj has yet to respond to the diss. And that must be really frustrating for Ma. The tradition of battle rapping and MC feuds is very nearly as old as the style of music itself. That concept owes itself to the very nature... Read More >

PR Found in Entertainers Choosing a Political Side

2017-03-01 by EPR Staff
PR Found in Entertainers Choosing a Political Side

In the middle of awards season in Hollywood, there’s been a lot of political side-taking going on. It started long before the Golden Globes and Meryl Streep’s Lifetime Achievement much viewed acceptance speech and pointing a beautifully manicured and accessorized finger or two at the current administration. She was called brave and heralded by her peers, but others, many even in the entertainment industry didn’t see it as courageous at all, saying they couldn’t see anything brave about saying something in front of a group who largely agreed with everything she had to say. Then came the Grammys, there were... Read More >

How Social Media is Driving this Sports Brand

2017-02-21 by Ronn Torossian
MMA PUBLIC RELATIONS - conor mcgregor marketing

Mixed martial arts is big business these days, arguably more popular than boxing, especially in the United States with UFC superstar Conor McGregor getting press every time he pauses five minutes to glance at a camera. When McGregor and boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather tentatively agreed to a money split for a rumored fight, headlines were written as if the fight was on. That’s the power of the octagon to influence pugilist entertainment. Meanwhile, a host of other similar martial pursuits are making a comeback. Both karate and kickboxing are seeing a resurgence thanks to MMA. And, though Muay Thai... Read More >

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