Kesha Speaks Out About Online Bullying

Kesha Speaks Out About Online Bullying

And now for a public service announcement from … Kesha? Yes. The singer, songwriter, and rapper has been at the center of many harsh online “conversations,” and now she’s speaking out about online bullying. At the recent SXSW festival, she took part in a panel discussion on the topic and left no confusion as to where she stood on the world wide web:

“I use the Internet to connect to my fans… Aside from that, it’s not a healthy place for me.”

During the conversation, Kesha said the constant stream of input, so much of it relentlessly negative, used to really get her down and “tear me up inside…” Now, though, she says she has limited her time online in order to keep that part of the web out of her head and heart. That’s her solution to avoiding the trolling that plagues the web, especially if you’re a celebrity. So many people have an opinion, and the anonymity of the ‘net gives them carte blanche to share their worst thoughts with the rest of the world online. Kesha called her decision to limit her time online an attempt to “reclaim my personal space … and reclaim the online space too…”

This conversation is not the first time Kesha has spoken out about online bullying. She took part in the Hack Harassment anti-cyberbullying campaign, promoting safe and cordial online interactions. The singer said she feels like it’s unrealistic to tell people to stay completely off the web, but suggested they limit their time and avoid certain sites known for toxic conversation.

“…develop your own healthy relationship with the Internet… Make sure you’re not hurting yourself with it.” And it’s not just the angry and mean remarks that she’s going after. Kesha also wants people on social media to be more honest and less fake. “Nobody’s perfect … doesn’t matter what it looks like on Instagram… I do think it’s really important to create a more loving rhetoric online with each other…”

Her final message was to encourage her fans to reach out to people online who appear to be alone and hurting, struggling emotionally with something. Let them know they’re not alone in their fight, whatever that might be. In attempting to encourage her fans to be a force for good online, the singer is mobilizing a force of countless people worldwide that could have a tangible impact on the tenor of at least some of the interactions online. This shift also signals a new chapter in the performer’s career. From emoting personal voice to encouraging people to speak out for others.

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