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PR Agencies State Of The Office During The Pandemic

While many PR agencies officially have their offices closed due to Covid-19, we are aware Rubenstein Public Relations in NYC opened, although we know DKC-PR, MWW PR, 5WPR and other market leaders in that region have their offices closed, although employees are free to go in if they want. What are … [Read more...]

Blaze PR: Company Profile of Blaze PR

Blaze PR: Company Profile of Blaze PR Blaze PR offers its public relations services to a variety of different lifestyle brands. This boutique PR agency, based in Santa Monica, has a team of professionals.  The firm was established in 1990 and is a strategic public relations and marketing … [Read more...]

NYC Mayors Office Seeking Media Firm

The New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) on behalf of the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment (“MOME”), is seeking an appropriately qualified vendor to create and execute public education and media content and campaigns, PSAs and other associated … [Read more...]