Oregon Town Issues Tourism Marketing RFP

Oregon Town Issues Tourism Marketing RFP

Clackamas County has issued an RFP for a Tourism Marketing Agency of Record.


Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs (“CCTCA”) is the recognized Destination Marketing Organization (“DMO”) for Clackamas County, branded as Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory (“OHMT”). The mission of CCTCA is to increase overnight stays and encourage visitors to linger longer in Clackamas County. CCTCA accomplishes this by serving as the primary entity within the county responsible for destination brand awareness and development, inspiring potential visitors, and for providing trip planning tools and information for travelers in Clackamas County and the region. Tourism works in partnership with members of the industry and with communities to develop and enhance local tourism assets and experiences. This department works to balance the interests of visitors, businesses, other organizations, and government through innovative leadership and strategic investment of resources and staff.

Marketing Background:

An effective destination marketing program demonstrates the ability to increase the awareness of the County’s visitor experiences through implementation of targeted and partner-based advertising, sales, and visitor service strategies resulting in increased visitor spending and increased occupancy/revenue per available room (“REVPAR”) in commercial lodging facilities. The main objective in marketing is to deliver the OHMT brand message to reach our audience of local, regional, national, and international markets. Historically our target audience is 24-65 years of age; predominately leisure visitors; and some business and special group travel. Our primary pillars of work include outdoor recreation, agritourism, and heritage/culture.

Historically, CCTCA’s marketing campaigns have included a mix of print advertising (leisure media, co- op partner program); out of home (bus kings, billboards); cinema; digital (banners, video, SEM); social media; and limited broadcast. Responding to the changing behaviors of consumers throughout the entire trip planning process, advertising focuses are changing to respond to these trends, with priority directed to digital to be consistent with consumer utilization of online resources for travel planning and to maximize marketing return on investment. CCTCA’s advertising call to action includes www.MtHoodTerritory.com (and #OMHT when appropriate) for consumer access, engagement, and inquiries, which are fulfilled with the annual Travel Planner (print and online view).
Additional marketing services not covered under the contract with a marketing agency of record include public relations, social media, SEO/SEM, and website management. CCTCA employs staff to manage and deliver our public relations efforts in house, with deskside coordination assistance through a separate contract with a public relations firm. Social media strategies and community management are conducted and monitored through in-house staff. CCTCA will solicit an RFP to administer a separate contract to deliver an integrated and aligned SEO/SEM marketing strategy and campaign. The marketing agency of record will work closely with all staff and assist in integrating the marketing strategies of these aforementioned programs.

CCTCA is seeking an agency of record that values partnership and listening, and can interpret and actualize our vision into compelling and emotive calls to action that will inspire consumers to want to visit, experience, stay, and return to OMHT. We seek and expect:

  • Synergy: a strategic working relationship built on respect and mutual understanding
  • Creativity: our message needs to stand out in a competitive marketplace but it must do so authentically, and in a way that resonates equally with consumers and our tourism partners
  • Knowledge: demonstrated knowledge of marketing concepts and trends in support of research- based, innovative experiential tourism marketing
  • Expertise: high level of technical insight in the identification and utilization of marketing and advertising strategy and tactics
  • Proactivity: initiative, attention to detail, and timely follow through based on realistic and agreed deadlines
  • Professionalism: commitment to collaboration, communication, and project management that allows CCTCA to delegate with confidence

Scope of Work:

Clackamas County is requesting proposals from qualified and interested multi-disciplinary agencies for professional services related to developing and implementing integrated marketing and advertising plans for the Tourism & Cultural Affairs Department, based on the current 2012-17 Master Plan, FY 2016-17 Business Plan, as well as planning work documented in the previous Marketing Strategic Plan. These documents are found online at www.mthoodterritory.com/partners/ in the Document Center of the Partners’ Resource section. In addition, CCTCA is currently undertaking a process to develop its next five- year Strategic Plan which will be available in June 2017 along with the FY2017-18 Business Plan.

RETAINER SERVICES: CREATIVE CONCEPTION SERVICES. Marketing agency of record shall provide account services, concept advertising, conduct market research/trends pertinent to creative development, creative direction, art direction, copywriting, media evaluation/recommendations, and campaign measurements and reporting for CCTCA. It is expected that the selected agency of record will provide RETAINER SERVICES that include but are not limited to:

  • Lead brand/messaging development for CCTCA (Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory) for both corporate and consumer delivery
  • Evaluate and determine the need and timing for a brand refresh or overall redesign;
  • Develop integrated marketing strategic plans and recommend the appropriate spend, media, and strategies to be most effective in achieving CCTCA’s objectives and within budget parameters;
  • Provide brand style guides and messaging, to be integrated and used by CCTCA’s in-house staff;
  • Evaluate media opportunities, recommend media plans, and negotiate media buys for the best advertising rates and placements for all forms of media (print, OOH, digital, cinema, broadcast);
  • Establish metrics and tracking methodologies of all advertising and marketing programs, and provide regular reporting of status, performance measurements, and improvement efforts;
  • Research and identify evolving technologies and trends in social media, evaluate social media digital paid opportunities, and recommend specific social media digital plans (CCTCA retains the option to have flexibility to extract this area of social media digital responsibility and establish a contract with a dedicated social media marketing company if the full-service marketing agency does not demonstrate a specialization or high level of expertise to deliver an effective social media digital program. If necessary, a separate RFP process would be initiated to solicit a dedicated social media digital agency);
  • Concept and recommend a cooperative advertising program with tourism partners;
  • Review new requests for media and sponsorship opportunities and provide CCTCA with recommendations;
  • Prepare and write headline and advertising copy;
  • Creative concept and account services for producing the annual Travel Planner;
  • Coordinate brand/messaging within website design as relevant to campaigns;
  • Provide a repository of all images purchased and used on behalf of CCTCA within our account on Barberstock or a similar DAM;
  • Negotiate the lowest possible rate consistent with hi-res quality and good craftsmanship on purchases of new photography, video, soundtrack, and other materials with appropriate licensing use or ownership rights;
  • Concept design considerations for promotional campaigns and other marketing programs, including any sweepstakes components which meet the desired objectives to increase audience (social or newsletter);
  • Coordinate with the PR and social media communications team for integrated strategies between paid placements, earned media, and publicity;
  • Coordinate with the development program team for integrated strategies for implementing development projects and international sales;
  • Assist with strategic long-term planning utilizing research and analysis from sources such as Dean Runyan Associates, Longwoods International, PhoCusWright, Smith Travel Research, and SMARI, and coordinate any needed market research projects with any future research firms.

NON-RETAINER SERVICES: CREATIVE PRODUCTION AND MEDIA SERVICES. In addition to the services outlined above, CCTCA will request additional advertising and marketing services for collateral, trade show items, photo file, and unplanned items. Marketing agency shall provide services outside of the retainer for creative production, media services, hard costs, and miscellaneous projects for CCTCA. Media buying will include net media costs plus a media buying rate. It is expected that the selected agency of record will provide NON-RETAINER SERVICES that include, but are not limited to:

  • Execute the process of establishing a brand refresh or overall redesign;
  • Approved media buying and trafficking of approved advertising plans;
  • Design and produce approved advertising, including a cooperative advertising program with tourism partners;
  • Develop and execute promotional campaigns and other marketing programs, including any sweepstakes components;
  • Creative production services, printing, and shipping of the annual Travel Planner;
  • Concept, create, and produce all other print collateral outside of the annual Travel Planner;
  • Purchase costs of new photography, video, soundtrack, and materials with appropriate licensing use or ownership rights (exempt from any markup fees);
  • Develop and execute the approved concept for promotional campaigns and other marketing programs.

Proposal due on May 17th,2017 to:

Clackamas County Procurement
Clackamas County Public Services Building
2051 Kaen Road, Oregon City, OR 97045

Travel PR firms that are strong include DKC PR and 5WPR.

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