Transportation Authority Issues Media Relations RFP

Transportation Authority Issues Media Relations RFP

Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority is seeking a media relations agency. ACTA seeks a consulting firm with demonstrated skills, experience and knowledge to conduct media relations and crisis communication services to assist ACTA in maintaining effective communication with media outlets, Corridor communities, and other interested parties.


The Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority (“ACTA”) was established on August 31, 1989 through a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement (JPA) between the City of Long Beach and the City of Los Angeles. ACTA was created primarily for the purpose of developing, financing, constructing, and operating the Alameda Corridor.

The Alameda Corridor is a 20-mile long, multiple-track rail system designed to link the rail facilities of the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach with the transcontinental rail network of the Union Pacific Railroad Company (UP) and the BNSF Railway (BNSF), near downtown Los Angeles. The Corridor consolidated the freight rail traffic from four lines 90 miles in length onto a single fully grade-separated route. The Corridor operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The original Alameda Corridor Project was substantially complete in April 2002 when revenue operations on the Corridor began. ACTA is now focused on revenue collections from its two primary users, the UP Railroad and BNSF Railroad, and repayment of the bonds which were issued in order to pay for the construction of the project. ACTA is also responsible for the maintenance-of-way activities on the Corridor.

More detailed information about ACTA and can be found on ACTA’s website

Scope of work:

Media Relations

  • Serve as liaison to the news media, research and respond to inquiries, coordinate interviews, draft and distribute news releases and provide overall media support;
  • Prepare program and materials to secure editorial support for ACTA’s initiatives and funding efforts as well as ACTA’s operational and financial accomplishments;
  • Prepare media information package on Board approved Initiatives, based on research conducted by ACTA and its consultants;
  • Provide marketing and other collateral material as authorized by ACTA including design, copywriting, printing and distribution.
  • Prepare and edit ACTA written materials including speeches and presentations;
  • Prepare information package for legislative briefings;
  • Pending ACTA management approval, prepare and print new ACTA handouts;
  • Coordinate special event planning as needed;
  • Assist and support community relations efforts to secure “grass roots” and legislative support for ACTA initiatives and funding programs;
  • Attend public meetings as may be requested by ACTA staff; and
    Provide weekly electronic press clippings involving port and goods movement matters.

Crisis Communications

The Alameda Corridor operates on a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week basis. The selected firm should be available to provide media relations support in any crisis situation that may occur in the course of operating, maintaining, managing or otherwise conducting the business of the Alameda Corridor in accordance with the Incident Communication Plan.

In conjunction with the Public Affairs Office, the Consultant is responsible for developing a plan for information delivery to the media or other interested parties that include:

  • Developing statements and talking points that accurately describe the incident and plan of action including ACTA’s role and that of other emergency response providers;
  • Determining impacted stakeholders;
  • Contacting media outlets and coordinating a press conference, if required;
  • Writing press releases; and
  • Providing media training and messaging counsel for ACTA spokesperson(s) to ensure timely and effective communication.

Due Date: 4/25/17 
Address: 3760 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 200,
Long Beach, CA 90806

PR firms in California include APCO Worldwide and DKC PR.

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