PR Agencies State Of The Office During The Pandemic

While many PR agencies officially have their offices closed due to Covid-19, we are aware Rubenstein Public Relations in NYC opened, although we know DKC-PR, MWW PR, 5WPR and other market leaders in that region have their offices closed, although employees are free to go in if they want.

What are others saying about opening?

According to Noel Hampton ofTrizCom Public Relations, that agency has reopened.  He said, “We have reopened. We’re a Dallas-based firm that went remote earlier this year due to the pandemic. We wanted to make sure our team was safe and protected, and we were very fortunate to continue working with our partners during that time by turning to Zoom for both team and partner meetings, but we definitely missed being in the office. There’s nothing quite like communicating with your team in person.

After all, communications is a huge part of our lives, and there’s nothing like an in-person conversation. While we do have amazing technology, and we utilized phone calls, text messaging and instant messenger apps, you can’t dismiss the power of having a conversation—especially when you’re brainstorming or working on an important public relations project.

We were able to reopen on July 17 because we installed Aerus’ Pure & Clean with ActivePure Technology in our offices. It’s technology originally designed for NASA and works differently than other capture-based systems by drawing in regular air molecules into the unit. Because we have these units, we do feel incredibly safe. On top of that, we do take extra precautions to ensure that everyone is abiding by the safety guidelines set by the CDC and local government officials.”

Bob Spoerl, President, Bear Icebox Communications said, “We’re in Chicago. Technically, with proper distancing, we could all be back in an office together all at once. But, over the next handful of months and particularly this fall/winter, we are maintaining a primarily work from home model. Will we be back in the office together once we feel it’s safe? Absolutely. But, I anticipate that coming in phases and evaluating the impact on our team and our work as we do so.

In early 2021 (as we monitor the pandemic), we will be taking an office-is-open, hybrid approach. The office will be open for all employees who would prefer to work in the space full time. We’re envisioning brainstorm and collaboration days in the office to maximize our collective creativity and build chemistry for our small but growing team.

Why return to an office, even a hybrid, flexible model where the definition of where we work is more liquid? Simply put: We can work anywhere, anytime. But, I believe that face-to-face collaboration, when it is safe, is when those agency a-ha moments happen. To have an office that is yours, to have a collective space to turn for those a-ha moments — that to me is essential.”

Kyle Porter, CEO of CMW Media said, “Our team hasn’t missed a beat since we began working remotely in March. The work-from-home situation created by the pandemic is likely not something we would have tried otherwise, but it has actually made our team even stronger by increasing our flexibility and communication. There is still something to be said for the sense of community that seeing your team in-person can bring, so we have begun returning to the office for those who prefer to work in-office rather than home. We are taking added precautions such as social distancing while at the office, fully sanitizing our office in the evenings, and not holding conference room style meetings.

While we contemplated not returning to the office at all, we believe that having an office setting is not a thing of the past. Some employees work best when they have the opportunity to return to the office, which is why we have decided to come back. As of today, being in the office is by no means mandatory. It may be in 2021, but we will most likely follow the lead of larger organizations who have said that they will not be requiring employees to return to the office until at least summer 2021.”

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