Oneida, New York Issues Messaging RFP

Oneida, New York Issues Messaging RFP

Oneida County Health Department, Marketing and Design Services for Public health Emergency Preparedness and Response.


The goal of the Oneida County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program is to protect the health of county citizens from disease outbreaks and natural and man-made disasters. To effectively respond to an emergency or disaster, the Oneida County Health Department engages in preparedness activities that include public education and coordination of key community information to enhance emergency response.

The County of Oneida is seeking proposals (“Proposals”) from qualified marketing and design professionals (“Vendors”) located in the State of New York, to develop and support their public health emergency preparedness public education and risk communications messaging for public health hazards such as disease outbreaks (e.g., flu, Ebola, Zika) and natural disasters, and to develop educational messages to expand the existing B’Ready Family and multi-lingual “Walk the World Prepared” campaigns to promote individual and family preparedness, and to assist with the design, development and/or maintenance of web and IT (information and technology) data management systems as requested. Projects may be any which are within the scope of public health emergency response and preparedness.

Agency/marketing firm must have a minimum of 10 years of in business, established relationships with local media outlets to leverage and negotiate air time for no-cost public service announcements, and at least 5 years of experience in working with public health emergency response and preparedness marketing and risk communication messaging.

Scope of Work

The County of Oneida seeks, for the overall corporate health, a consultant with specialized talents to be engaged to accomplish the following:

The first phase of marketing material development and implementation must be developed no later than June 30, 2018 with the option to expand agreement and campaign development for successive years. Proposal must include:

  1. Agency qualification and staffing resources. Please indicate the roles and responsibility of each individual if more than one.
  2. Creative concepts to expand messages as referenced in Section 1. Please include scripts, design proofs, etc.
  3. Suggestions of marketing tools to utilize include: newspaper, billboards, television, radio, video production, web marketing and design, database design, social marketing and brochures, etc.
  4. Experience and qualifications in designing, developing and maintaining web sites and web-based data management systems.
  5. Experience and qualifications in public health emergency preparedness marketing and design.
  6. Submission of proposed budget for development of marketing tools.
  7. Affidavits or written confirmations from television and radio for no cost (public service announcements) air-time to run commercials.

Due Date: June 12, 2017
Adirondack Bank Building – 185 GENESEE STREET – 4TH FLOOR
UTICA, NY 13501

Leading PR firms in New York include DKC PR and Hunter PR.

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