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PR Professionals with Close Connections To The Trump White House

  In the PR world, there are a handful of public relations professionals with close ties to the Trump White House. Individuals who work closely with the White House communications team are often regarded as some of the most prominent PR professionals in the world – and they’re also some of the most visible figures […]

Superstar Leslee Dart & Donald Trump As A Fake Publicist

Fake Publicist Donald Trump PR

It can be assumed that most PR people and publicists have only a limited amount of influence over what is said in the press about their clients. But when you start looking at those representing a long list of superstar clients as does Leslee Dart of 42 West (previously known as the Dart Group) founded […]

Mexican President Sends PR Team To America

President Enrique Peña Niet

Donald Trump hedges a great deal of his bid for the White House on his stance against illegal immigration. And while people from many cultures around the world migrate illegally to the United States, his primary target in anti-immigration talks centers on Mexicans, who make up the bulk of illegal immigrants in America. This position […]

Trump Getting Buried in the Press by Veterans’ Charities

Donald Trump Stressed

Remember when Donald Trump skipped a debate and held a charity drive for military groups? So does everyone else, and now they are asking who actually got paid. According to Trump’s people, his fundraiser brought in $6 million for various veterans’ charities. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, less than half of those funds […]

Cisco Gets Political – Good or Bad Idea?


Typically, given the split state of things in U.S. politics, companies are extremely circumspect in their support for presidential candidates. After all, unless you REALLY mean it, why alienate half your potential customers? Apparently Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins didn’t get that memo. Instead of staying away from some controversy, he’s wading headlong into it, making […]

Trump PR, J. Walter Thompson, Next 15 Updates & More

Gustavo Martinez CEO of Walter Thompson

Kurt Bardella severs ties with Breitbart PR over Trump Recently, Kurt Bardella, President of Endeavor Strategies walked away from representing Breitbart amidst a political storm between reporter, Michelle Fields, and her allegations against Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski for assault. Bardella told Mediaite “I reached the point where I felt I couldn’t give 100% to […]

Trump University: Does it Really Matter?

Trump University

The Internet has unleashed a torrent of alternative education options for would-be students of all stripes. Just about anything you want to know has been packaged and sold as the best thing in education since chalkboards. But, even as alternatives to brick and mortar educational opportunities become more popular, many are beginning to see the […]

Katrina Pierson is Donald Trump’s HOT Spokeswoman

Katrina Pierson

A spokeswoman for Donald Trump, Katrina Pierson recently proved on CNN and Twitter that not all publicity is good publicity – even for the Trump campaign. Bad publicity does far more damage than not getting any attention from the public at all. In this case, Katrina Pierson appeared on CNN to give her two cents […]

Donald Trump PR Firms: Others Fire The Donald, These Companies Do Not


Donald Trump oversees a vast empire of real estate holdings and developments, including several resort and hospitality destination efforts. However, most recently he has dominated media for his Presidential campaign. And Trump has been very controversial – from making comments many view as racist against Hispanics to off-color remarks about John McCain and others, Trump […]