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Donald Trump Public Relations

In light of Donald Trump’s recent comments and escapades, he’s quickly learning there is such a thing as bad publicity. And it might impact whether or not he should continue his bid for the presidency. In fact, it might be best if he just pulls out of the election now. Here’s why…

From a public relations perspective, his outrageous comments, particularly regarding immigration and Senator John McCain’s war record, may end up really damaging his business. If he continues on the egotistical path he’s on and continues to open his mouth when he shouldn’t, people will eventually boycott him.

They’ll stop living in his buildings, and he will see licensees pull out. Already the PGA announced it would relocate its Grand Slam of Golf from Trump’s Los Angeles course. Additionally businesses like Macy’s and NBC Universal have cut ties with The Donald.

It’s no mystery that Corporate America isn’t much a fan of controversy. Even if 25 percent of the GOP likes him, those aren’t corporate CEOs who are helping him make hundreds of millions.

It’s been five weeks since he made his announcement to run for president. In that time it seems like he’s been using his platform mainly to promote himself instead of drawing attention to the many problems currently facing America. He comes off as very egotistical and self-absorbed. Not exactly presidential material. He’s not exactly qualified to take over the White House either and his comments about illegal immigrants and John McCain have already lost him credibility with voters.

If anything, his obsession with drawing attention to himself by flashing his wealth, celebrity status, and lack of filter when speaking in public, is hurting the GOP. It is also distracting the public from the countless other — more qualified — candidates.

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