Typominima – Free Minimal WordPress Theme for Writers

2010-08-25 by EPR Staff

Alex Cristache of Blogsessive.com has recently released a new free Wordpress theme, Typominima, a theme designed for all bloggers with a strong appetite for writing and publishing in a beautiful environment. What sets Typominima apart is its strong focus on the writings above anything else. Designed around the concept of “beautiful writings in a gorgeous environment”, Typominima is a Wordpress 3.0+ compatible theme with advanced features, including a control panel allowing users to tweak and fine-tune design elements to their liking. Typominima’s features help keep the theme clean, beautiful, fresh and customizable (up to the point where heavy changes would... Read More >

Survey: Facebook Fanboys Hate Facebook

2010-07-22 by EPR Staff
facebook everything-pr

A survey that went out Tuesday morning by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) had a lot of people talking about what the findings meant. The ACSI survey is nothing new, however this is the first year they included some of the social networking sites. And the results conclude that, drum roll please: Facebook sucks. But what does it all mean, Basil? (Austin Powers voice) I'm not convinced it means anything. Facebook is about to hang the sign of over 500 million served, remember? Let's put it in the context of the Internet Social Media sites that were surveyed this... Read More >

Microsoft Outlook Now Syncs Facebook Contacts, Further Acknowledging Social Web

2010-07-13 by EPR Staff
microsoft outlook facebook

Welcome to the party, Microsoft Outlook. Luckily this fashionably late friend brought some delicious goodies to the party. The social web is important. We all get that. Facebook being the center of that universe as the social internet home for 500 million people. Microsoft Outlook with it's latest release recognizes the importance of that. Microsoft has released an Outlook feature that will sync your current contacts with their Facebook profiles to keep information current. Lehman's terms: extending your social graph into your email. There have been smaller features released in the past, however the direct support from Microsoft validates the... Read More >

Facebook’s Apocalyptic Cost of Being Too Popular

2010-05-17 by EPR Staff
Facebook App everything-pr

The price of being too popular--there's absolutely no way to please everybody, and you'll have to compromise your values somewhere along the line if you ever want to cash in on all that popularity. I'm not talking about a celebrity, but I might as well be. Facebook is the superstar of trendy corporate wonders. And its delve into the open-sharing concept with the double whammy of instant personalization and updated advertising features has landed Facebook in the hot seat. Still spreading like wildfire, Facebook has managed to work its way into our daily routine, even when we're away from our... Read More >

The Days of Anti-Facebook Arrive with Diaspora

2010-05-13 by EPR Staff
Facebook Banned

The widespread backlash against Facebook has had another effect--coding. Four geeks at NYU decided that Facebook's divergence from privacy should be countered with a social network that doesn't require constant sharing of data in such a public manner. The enthusiasm with which Facebook has taken to opening user content with sneaky default settings has left a bad taste in many users' mouths, including these four students that have set out to create a more private network. Called Diaspora, the anti-Facebook social network will be a way to communicate with friends, without having to compromise your privacy to a large corporation,... Read More >

Facebook’s Open Graph is Huge Potential for Who?

2010-04-22 by EPR Staff
Facebook's Open Graph

With Facebook making a whirlwind of announcements this week at the F8 conference, a million ideas of Facebook's new-found potential race through many minds. The revelation of Open Graph, Social Plugins, and the updated Graph API means big things for Facebook--so big, in fact, that we're unable to really put our finger on what it all is going to mean. For Facebook's brand, that awe and allure of exploration is something it's banking on. Going further than any socially-oriented platform has gone, the new Open Graph will integrate third party data into Facebook further than ever, while the Social Plugins... Read More >

Xbox LIVE Is Social – With Twitter, Facebook, Zune and Last.fm Connect

2010-04-14 by EPR Staff
xbox social media

Who said that you cannot be a gamer and a social media addict at the same time? If you didn't know it by now, (and few do), Xbox LIVE, the online gaming and entertainment service for Xbox 360, is more than a closed online forum for Xbox 360 addicts. A gold (paid) membership to this online service adds Netflix streaming, photo sharing and Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm and Zune connect for all adult members. The information is vital for Xbox 360 game designers, for companies that sell these games and for video game PR, naturally. With these social networks connected to... Read More >

Gone Are the Days of Bebo and Digg

2010-04-07 by EPR Staff
AOL Logo Everything-pr

Social media has been in need of an overhaul for some time now, but we never really considered what that meant. Until now. With AOL considering the sale of its once-treasured Bebo network and Digg having a CEO shake-up with big changes on the way, this year is bringing another round of major shifts in the way social networks are marketed and monetized. AOL, which acquired Bebo about two years ago for a hefty $850 million, may be having second thoughts. Having since split from Time Warner and undergone a re-branding phase, AOL is still in the process of figuring... Read More >

Facebook Speaking the Language of Brands

2010-03-31 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

What is language when it comes to branding? Sometimes it can be everything. Other times, it can be confusing. In the case of Facebook and all the brands that market through its social network, language can be all of the above. Facebook has announced plans to change the language of "Become a Fan" to "Like" as it appears on brands' public profile pages, hoping to encourage more interaction between individual users and those brands. What Facebook is after, according to their spokesperson, is a more consistent interaction between users and public profile pages. As PCWorld points out, the difference between... Read More >

Google Versus Facebook, Traffic and Where To Shove It

2010-03-17 by EPR Staff
Google Bird

Facebook is in the news again today having apparently surpassing Google's main search page in traffic, at least for a minute or two. However interesting the news might be however, a lot depends on how we measure traffic, as well as what happens when people arrive at our destinations. Facebook, now in deep to investors to the tune of $716 million, has since its inception 6 years ago still not brought in significant revenue, if any at all. Facebook, regardless of its viability, is one of the most interesting startup companies ever launched. The core value of the platform being... Read More >

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