PR on Facebook: 100 Must “Like” Public Relations Pages

2013-02-14 by EPR Staff
Facebook Public Relations

Remote PR Jobs is the leading jobs site for remote PR and Communications professionals. Every week, members get 100+ hot PR and Communications leads delivered to their inbox - full time, part time and projects. Roles are inclusive of PR, Comms, Social media, content and more, across all industries. Facebook page ishttps://www.facebook.com/RemotePRJobs/ This is not a top - consider it a resource. If you are a PR professional, it will help you find like-minded people, it will help you identify competitors you don't even know about, it will also help you learn how other companies are managing their Facebook presence.... Read More >

Why Do So Many Sites Force Use To Login Using Facebook?

2013-02-08 by EPR Staff

This question is being asked a lot lately, as more sites and apps begin requiring the sharing of Facebook or Twitter information for login. While it used to be that you could choose to use this service and so socialize your experience, and otherwise do a regular registration, that is becoming less common by the day. Far more sites are going for Facebook or Twitter login choices only, which is managing to alienate a lot of users. In particular the users who fear for their privacy. So, why are so many sites doing this now? The obvious answer is business... Read More >

Curaytor Launches Conversation Search Engine

2013-01-21 by EPR Staff

Two consecutive days, two major bombs regarding Facebook search. But first thing is first. A while ago I saw a link to a website called curaytor.com. Users were able to click and leave their e-mail address so that they could be invited once this conversation search engine was launched. The official date was also very visible on the website: January 17th. Once a user subscribed, they received an email from one of the founders thanking them for choosing to be part of this new and interesting Facebook conversation search engine. Time passed by and on January 17th the site was... Read More >

Facebook’s Graph Search: How It Impacts Your Privacy

2013-01-17 by EPR Staff

There’s a lot of buzz in the search world at the moment, following Facebook’s announcement that it may or may not be squaring up to Google with its new Graph Search feature, but this tussle (if it happens) is unlikely to concern consumers too much. What may bother them however, is how Facebook’s new search feature impacts on their privacy, and what, if anything, they can do about it. Like It Or Not, Facebook’s Counting You In One of the first issues that need addressing is whether or not it’s possible to ‘opt out’ of the new Graph Search feature.... Read More >

$100 to Message Mark Zuckerberg. Is Facebook Getting All Desperate, or Smart?

2013-01-11 by EPR Staff
message Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook for $100

What did you answer? It doesn't matter. Facebook wants you to pay no less than $100 to message Mark Zuckerberg, at least in areas where Facebook is experimenting with this feature. Facebook is testing out paid messages, and according to CNN money, it will charge you no less than $100 to message Mark Zuckerberg. When I tried to message the great man from my Facebook account in Germany, the message was sent without a charge - and no, I am not buds with Zuckerberg on Facebook. Imagine that. But this is not to say that users from the US, where... Read More >

An Attention Whore’s Guide to Facebook

2013-01-02 by EPR Staff
Attention whores

Admit it, you love attention. Attention means everything to you, be it for any legitimate reason and noble cause, or just because you are a so-called attention whore. Facebook has been made for catching people's attention - so why not hone your Facebook attention whoring skills using these tips. See how far you are willing to go for the sake of getting all the attention you can attract! 1. Fill out as many details as you feel comfortable. Fill out your location, your education and work places, all the places you ever went to on the Facebook Map. Fill out... Read More >

Social Media Related Complaints on the Rise in the UK

2012-12-27 by EPR Staff
facebook logo

Social media, as any other tool, can be used both to help, and to hurt people. In the past four years, the number of complaints police received about alleged crimes that were linked to Twitter and Facebook increased by 780%. As a direct result, around 650 people were charged last year. In 2008, according to the statistics released by 29 police forces in England, Scotland and the Wales, there were only 556 reports filed with the police, whereas in 2012 there were 4,908 such reports. "It is a new world for all and we could end up in a situation... Read More >

Yelp vs. Facebook: The Review Game

2012-12-27 by EPR Staff

Facebook recently released a new Feature called "Nearby" and as a result, the Yelp stock fell rather quickly. While Wall Street may not affect your business, if you can take advantage of these changes in social media to affect your business, you too can win. How do these changes affect reviews and who to trust? In New York City, we compared a few venues rated on Facebook vs. Yelp – A sort of snapshot "Who to Trust and Who Not To" - based on few businesses we have visited. Here's a few businesses we think may be indicative of rating... Read More >

Facebook, The World’s Most Popular (Anti) Social Network

2012-12-21 by EPR Staff

As if stealing our photos and trying to sell them to advertisers via its alter-ego Instagram wasn’t enough, Facebook has taken its relentless pursuit of profits to even more extreme levels - asking certain users to pay to send messages to ‘non-friends’ and ‘ensure’ they don’t end up being labeled as spam. Facebook is reported to be testing out its latest money-grabbing venture among certain US users, charging them $1 a time to send out ‘VIP’ messages that are guaranteed to land straight at the top of the intended recipient’s inbox. So far, the scheme is only available to individual... Read More >

Moxie Software Launches Chat Service that Engages Fans through Facebook Pages

2012-12-10 by EPR Staff

Moxie Software, Inc. announced today the release of the Engage+ App, a social chat application for customer sales and service that leverages Facebook’s API. This app is available with Chat Spaces™ and enables companies to have engaging discussions with fans and, based on their profile, to deliver personalized offers and better interaction experiences. Engage+ evaluates profile information consumers share (like name, gender and analytically calculated advocacy rank) and allows companies to make tailored offers based on this data. Moreover, once a fan accepts the chat invitation, other types of information are made available, such as age, friend count, interests, likes... Read More >

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