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New Ford CEO Faces A Major PR problem

Ford Motor Company may have made it through the Great Recession in the best shape of all US automakers, but that does not mean incoming CEO Mark Fields does not have some immediate issues on his plate. On April 21, Ford officially announced the planned retirement date of CEO Alan Mulally (at left), and the ascension of current CEO Fields.

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First Ford Mustang Owner Ford’s Biggest Brand Advocate

In maybe the best case of brand loyalty anywhere, the very first Ford Mustang ever sold remains in the original owner’s possession. What’s more the 1964 convertible pony car is not for sale, according to this report at The Daily Herald. Of the 8 million or so mustangs sold since the model came to life, the one sold to Park Ridge resident Gail Wise is believed to be the first sale ever.

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Ford Mustang Ad Goes Viral after Placement on Facebook Logout Page

Ford Mustang is one of the first brands to test the new advertising options on Facebook’s Logout Page. Their post containing the ad to the 2013 Mustang was shared 7,000 times in the first 13 hours of their campaign. Add to that 17,000 likes on Ford’s own page and the millions of users logging off and seeing the ad, and you can get the overall picture of this campaign’s success.

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The One Ford Initiative and Collective, Intelligent, Digital Marketing

Ford Motor Company has announced a partnership with North Plains, the makers of the TeleScope digital asset management platform. Ford’s “One Ford” initiative is now more of a reality with the capabilities of these new technologies. The collective power of organizations like Ford can now be applied to greater customer satisfaction as well as operating costs.