Sports PR: Top Sports Public Relations Firms

2016-06-27 by EPR Staff

There are sports PR firms which exclusively work with the athletes or their teams, and there are other PR firms that tend to prefer working with the corporations which are connected to the sports industry. Additionally, there are also sports PR firms that work on connecting the right athletes with the right corporations for sponsorship opportunities. Here are a few public relations companies that are very involved in the sports PR industry. Taylor PR  Taylor PR was established back in 1984 and has its main office in New York City along with offices in Los Angeles, Charlotte, Austin, and Chicago.... Read More >

Porter Novelli CEO Wins Big, Denver PR Big-Wig Passes Away

2015-11-26 by EPR Staff
Karen van Bergen

Here’s a roundup of some of the biggest news stories of the past week. Porter Novelli CEO Karen van Bergen Named “Woman of Influence” Karen van Bergen, chief executive officer of global public relations agency Porter Novelli, has been named a 2016 "Woman of Influence" by the New York Business Journal. The award is part of a national effort by American City Business Journals to celebrate women business leaders. Van Bergen has served as CEO of Porter Novelli since 2013. She is one of only a handful of female CEOs leading top global public relations firms. Under her leadership, Porter... Read More >

New Ford CEO Faces A Major PR problem

2014-04-30 by EPR Staff
Alan Mulally

Ford Motor Company may have made it through the Great Recession in the best shape of all US automakers, but that does not mean incoming CEO Mark Fields does not have some immediate issues on his plate. On April 21, Ford officially announced the planned retirement date of CEO Alan Mulally (at left), and the ascension of current CEO Fields. Mulally, who was brought in from Boeing in 2006, was largely credited with helping to move Ford through the Recession without subjecting Ford to the same Chapter 11 reorganization suffered by rivals General Motors and Chrysler Group. Despite the current... Read More >

First Ford Mustang Owner Ford’s Biggest Brand Advocate

2013-09-14 by EPR Staff
Mustang brand

In maybe the best case of brand loyalty anywhere, the very first Ford Mustang ever sold remains in the original owner's possession. What's more the 1964 convertible pony car is not for sale, according to this report at The Daily Herald. Of the 8 million or so mustangs sold since the model came to life, the one sold to Park Ridge resident Gail Wise is believed to be the first sale ever. Chicago back in the heyday of the muscle car surely looked a lot different than it does now to Wise and her contemporary. But one thing that remains... Read More >

Ford Mustang Ad Goes Viral after Placement on Facebook Logout Page

2012-03-20 by EPR Staff

We’d all like to see our Facebook posts go viral, and having an update on a brand page being shared 7,000 times in 13 hours guarantees reaching that goal. The Facebook post displaying the new and very slick-looking TV ad for Ford Mustang managed to achieve such an impressive sharing level. Their secret? Placing a clever add containing the post in question on the Facebook logout page. Yes, that page millions and millions of Facebook users are directed to when they log off from the social network. Not only was the ad for the black version of the 2013 Ford... Read More >

Ford and Toyota on Two Ends of Social Media Marketing

2010-02-22 by EPR Staff

The auto industry still seems to be in turmoil, with American manufacturers still struggling with their re-branding efforts and foreign car companies beginning to face their own marketing woes. Social media may seem like the likely answer for overcoming many of these advertising obstacles, but can it prove to be the kind of savior such a large industry seeks? It just may be. Ford has taken to social media marketing for all of these reasons, hoping to get ahead of the curve on leveraging online outlets to push their message through. A more recent effort for Ford's social media marketing... Read More >

The One Ford Initiative and Collective, Intelligent, Digital Marketing

2010-02-10 by EPR Staff
ford logo

Ford Motor Company announced yesterday the integration of North Plains' Telescope digital asset management service (DAM). TeleScope is designed to help companies like Ford to streamline the creation and distribution of global and local media assets. Telescope will enable Ford to greatly improve media and digital information across their vast corporate network. Update: Ford Motor Company's and North Plains' collaboration does in fact not involve the Telescope Publishing Platform (TPP) as we previously reported. This is a separate product, with a different scope and overall purpose from "TeleScope", which is purely a digital asset management platform (DAM). The distinction has... Read More >