Ford Mustang Ad Goes Viral after Placement on Facebook Logout Page

ford-mustang-facebook-logout-adWe’d all like to see our Facebook posts go viral, and having an update on a brand page being shared 7,000 times in 13 hours guarantees reaching that goal. The Facebook post displaying the new and very slick-looking TV ad for Ford Mustang managed to achieve such an impressive sharing level. Their secret? Placing a clever add containing the post in question on the Facebook logout page. Yes, that page millions and millions of Facebook users are directed to when they log off from the social network.

Not only was the ad for the black version of the 2013 Ford Mustang placed on the logout page, the YouTube video of the TV ad could be played directly in that page. What else would users need to share the post, other than a gorgeous car and impossible to miss ad placement?

The post performed well on the Ford official Facebook page, gathering 17,000 likes, but the Facebook Logout placement has definitely helped them go viral among non-fans. Ford Mustang seems to be one of the first advertisers to take advantage of the Facebook Logout placement option which has only been introduced in February.

Ford is known for their prowess in mixing social media in their marketing strategy. About a month ago they have announced their intention of releasing a sneak peak of the ad, titled “Mustang Inner TV” on Google Hangouts, YouTube and their Facebook page. The only part of that plan that did not work was apparently a technical issue on Google’s product.

If you consider a number as low as 5 views per each share of the ad, the ad placement got them 35,000 views only through the shares. Add to that all those logging out in the 13 hour time frame, plus all the activity on Ford’s own page. Money well invested, don’t you think? If you are not sure, here’s the ad in question, would you have shared it?

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