Businesses Still Using Traffic as Main Indicator of Performance in Google Analytics

2012-10-20 by EPR Staff
Google logo

Google Analytics is a service that’s been available for many years now. You'd think that businesses went from traffic to other indicators in analyzing their online presence. You'd generally be wrong, as 73% of businesses are still using traffic in their reports, according to a new study. The DBD Media survey of 50 e-commerce sites showed some other interesting facts. For instance, 67% of websites haven’t integrated social media tracking. This is not very good as it shows companies are not monitoring which piece of their content is shared and where. Let's not forget that social media monitoring could also prevent... Read More >

YouTube Launches Original Channels in France, Germany and the UK

2012-10-08 by EPR Staff
youtube logo

A year ago, YouTube launched original channels, trying to draw more people to this website to watch interesting content. Now, as the existing ones have a huge success, YouTube brings original channels to France, Germany and the UK. You can have a look at what they have prepared here. “From local cuisine, health and wellness and parenting to sports, music, comedy, animation and news, this new lineup of original channels will have something for everyone” said Robert Kyncl, VP, Global Head of Content. “They are backed by some of the biggest producers, well-known celebrities and emerging media companies from Europe... Read More >

Internet Giants Form Ads Integrity Alliance to Fight Bad Ads

2012-06-14 by EPR Staff

Google, AOL, Facebook, Twitter and the IAB formed a partnership aimed at fighting bad ads on the Internet. StopBadware, a nonprofit organization launched in 2006, announced the launch of the Ads Integrity Alliance created to fight bad ads and maintain trust in the online advertising ecosystem. “The Ads Integrity Alliance is a natural extension of StopBadware’s mission to make the Web safer by combating badware,” stated Maxim Weinstein, StopBadware’s executive director. “No one can address Internet-scale threats on their own, so we’re bringing together industry leading organizations to tackle the problem collaboratively.” The Ads Integrity Alliance has already established several... Read More >

Instapaper Releases Android App Version

2012-06-04 by EPR Staff

Instapaper has just become the latest iOS app to embrace Android. Developed by Mobelux who created the iOS and Android Tumblr apps, the Instapaper for Android has hit Google Play today and is priced at USD 2.99. Instapaper is designed to allow users to save web pages for later, enabling them to access the content when they no longer have internet access. The app is great to save online articles and blog posts that one might come across, but not have the time to read them immediately. The majority of pages will be saved in text-only format, and they can... Read More >

Google Finally Completes Motorola USD12.5 Billion Acquisition

2012-05-22 by EPR Staff

It’s official, Google sealed the deal and completed all required procedure for the acquisition of Motorola Mobility. The 12.5 billion US dollars purchase marks Google’s biggest acquisition ever and their official expansion from a search and software giant into the consumer gadgets market. As Google has developed software for gadgets over the years, the move is not an unexpected one, it comes more as a natural next step. Dennis Woodside, former president for Google’s Americas region, is the new CEO of Motorola Mobility. He will take over the position of former CEO Sanjay Jha, the man who actually planned and... Read More >

Google Chrome Becomes the Most Used Browser Worldwide

2012-05-21 by EPR Staff

The long lasting domination of Internet Explorer over other Internet browsers has just ended. For the first time in history, data recorded by Statcounter over a full week placed Google Chrome as number one browser in the world. The May 14 –May 20 thus becomes quite the milestone in Google’s browser history. While Internet Explorer is still the favorite browser in North America as well as other countries, other regions generated the growing influence of Google Chrome. Chrome has been ahead of IE in Europe for the past two weeks, but the top dog is still Mozilla Firefox, who also... Read More >

Google to Test Driverless Cars on Nevada’s Public Streets

2012-05-08 by EPR Staff

If you’re in Nevada and run across a driverless car, don’t panic, it’s not really any danger to you, it’s not an apocalyptic scenario, it’s just a new technology being tested by Google on the state’s public streets. And they are not really driverless… The Internet and search giant has just received permission from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to start testing as soon as possible. Six autonomous cars, geared up by Google’s dedicated team, will cruise the streets. The driverless car fleet comprises of six Toyota Priuses, and Audi TT and a Lexus RX450h. They will all receive... Read More >

SXSW: A Recap of the Startups and Strategies We Love

2012-03-15 by EPR Staff
TIME’s Lev Grossman

SXSW Interactive may be over, but the five-day event started on a high note and ended with a bang. Big names and startups alike migrated to the capital city of Texas, launching new products and seeking investment opportunities.  Social serendipity became one of the hottest trends for this Austin conference, leveraging new technology around ambient discovery to connect people of similar interests. Highlight, Forecast, and the other discovery apps became the darlings of this year’s event, marking SXSW a successful laboratory to test the latest in social tech. Keynotes At every tech conference, keynotes and panel discussions are very... Read More >

Google Turns Googlo for International Women’s Day

2012-03-08 by benito09102015
Google's International Women Day doodle.

To make women all over the planet take note of a colorful logo designed to honor them on their special day, Google took a bold step, rebranding as Googlo for a day. The logo features the universal female symbol for letter “G” – no surprise here – while the second “O” and last “E” are surprisingly similar – two red circles. In all fairness, this is a stylized logo. However, the last letter makes us sheep believe that the designer was either drunk with love, or in a rush. Regardless what reasons are behind this relatively puzzling rebranding, the logo... Read More >

US Internet Users Not Thrilled with Google’s Personalized Search

2012-02-07 by EPR Staff
google logo 1 everything-pr

As more of the social media world gets reflected into search results, PR pros and marketers might be thrilled, but Internet users seem to see it differently. Google’s intent to integrate results from their own Google+ social network, highlighting pictures and comments from users, into general search results pages, got US surfers worried, especially when it comes to their privacy.  According to the results of a recent AYTM Market Research survey, only 15% of those asked said yes without any sign of worry. Most concerns about integrating social content from online connection into Google search algorithms and returning personalized results... Read More >

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