Google Chrome Becomes the Most Used Browser Worldwide

The long lasting domination of Internet Explorer over other Internet browsers has just ended. For the first time in history, data recorded by Statcounter over a full week placed Google Chrome as number one browser in the world. The May 14 –May 20 thus becomes quite the milestone in Google’s browser history.

While Internet Explorer is still the favorite browser in North America as well as other countries, other regions generated the growing influence of Google Chrome. Chrome has been ahead of IE in Europe for the past two weeks, but the top dog is still Mozilla Firefox, who also is leading in the African internet browsing top.

Asia and South America are the big adopters of Chrome, with a percentage high enough to make Google’s browser the most use in the overall global top. Asia has not played a quite decisive role, with some countries like Japan and China still showing a historical preference for IE, yet South America did really turned the tides in global numbers – Chrome has about 50% of the entire market, the rest of the browsers dividing the remaining half.

Some speculate the popularity of social networking site Orkut which is a Google product lead to this high adoption rate. Regardless of the reason, Chrome is currently number one and with a growing trend worldwide, it might remain in the top position in the following weeks.

Google’s bet to keep things minimal, clean and reduce the stress other browser put on computer resources seems to have paid off. As Google is the newest in the market, compared with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, the accomplishment is one to admire and applaud.

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