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First Topeka, Then Granite State of Mind, The World Goes Google

Chris Wisecarvers home state of New Hampshire gets a boost from his YouTube video going viral. First we say Topeka and Google in the social media branding exchange, now states are getting in on the act of visibility, but not from their experts, from would be rappers gone digital.

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The Topeka Google Logo and Brand Strength

For April Fools Google changes its name to Topeka. The interesting thing is how Topeka changes the city’s name to Google. The city website is now called “The City of Google”, so millions may think Google bought Topeka perhaps? Google’s brand is so strong the sky is the limit as far as their applying it.

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Google Versus Facebook, Traffic and Where To Shove It

Facebook supposedly surpassed even Google recently in traffic, or so the reports say. Certainly Facebook has a rapidly growing user base, but if the company is making money they sure are hiding it well. What good is traffic if it won’t pay the light bill. Facebook uses 5 times as much bandwidth as Google or YouTube, and no one knows how much they win or lose daily. Can speculation and hype continue to keep an online startup in business?

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Google Backlash: Buzz Already Too Public.

Google has already seen some vicious backlash from its recently released Buzz product, namely around the privacy loopholes enabling users’ email address to be accessed publicly through Buzz. These default settings were one of...

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Google’s Take on the Michelle Obama Image Search Case – A PR Disaster

A week ago an offensive image of American First Lady Michelle Obama dominated the Google Image Search results, an image Google removed back then, as the site posting it violated Google’s guidelines by serving malware to visitors. But today, the image in cause is back, Search Engine Land reports, showing that Google doesn’t have any control over the content ranked by its image search algorithms.