First Topeka, Then Granite State of Mind, The World Goes Google


Well, if Topeka can brand their city by enticing Google to name its search engine Topeka for a day, why not make your state, town, business, or even yourself famous via a video on YouTube? This is no new strategy of course, but the recent artistic creation of New Hampshire’s Christian Wisecarver is a little bit of a breed apart.

Wisecarver decided to crank out a very well done parody of the hit song Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, but in line with his favorite crib – New Hampshire, The Ganite State. His Granite State of Mind has now topped the list of YouTube videos, and sits on Google Trends list of top searched topics.

His lyrics interpose the authors ideas and the power of suggesting his state’s attributes, but the guy has some talent too. If this were just another lame parody, no one would know about it. An artful presentation reveals a little more here than some kid with a video camera and some editing skills. The 43 second clip puts together some of the best things about New Hampshire, as well as decent acting and a catchy derivative of Jay Z and Alicia.

So, if this guy can gran half a million hits for his favorite state? Topeka was first, maybe New Hampshire renamed itself Google next and so forth? Everyone talks about the power of social media, but the real power is for people like Wisecarver. A little enginuity, some talent, get-r-done effort, and poof – you just went viral dude. Expect Wisecarver to be at the state department next organizing video PR for his beloved NH. Nice job.

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