Lemons for Literacy Boosts Learning Aid

Lemons for Literacy

Reading Horizons has donated a reading program to 8 year old Adam, an Indiana native with dyslexia. Adam is one of their spotlights in the organizations Lemons for Literacy donation program, which offers aid to struggling readers and also helps adults who have difficulty reading.

Reading Horizon’s newest spotlight is Torrence, a seven year old from California. He has a twin brother who has been accelerated as a gifted student, but Torrence is repeating Grade One due to a learning disability. His mother is legally blind and the family hasn’t been able to get help for the little boy who tries very hard in school, but still has difficulties.

The Reading Horizon’s program provides the aid that these children need to overcome their learning problems and be successful in school. By giving them a good start in education, the program helps the children complete school and go on to better things in their lives, giving them opportunities that might otherwise be lost.

Here’s what one student had to say about the program: “It was like I was walking down a hallway with doors, and all of them were locked. After going through this program, I was given the keys to open them. Anything is possible now.”

How can you help? It’s as simple as playing a game. By going to the Lemons for Literacy website, you can help raise money for kids who need extra help in school.

The Lemons for Literacy game requires you to match terms with their correct definitions . . . if you get it right, a lemon is juiced into a pitcher and for every lemon squeezed, money is put toward a Reading Horizons program that will be donated to their current spotlight child.

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