Aston Martin India: The One 77 Arrives

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In a bit of interesting automotive news, Aston Martin has officially arrived in India. And to top off this James Bond style news, the company has announced too their competition with the touted Bujgatti Veyron, the world’s most expensive automobile.

While 007 has made no statement, we bet Bugatti is surprised at the announcement, after all R 11.10 ($1.7 million US) is a stumbling block for most car enthusiasts, but how about a car half again as expensive? Get ready India, for the soul of performance the One – 77 is “living art.”

Now everyone in India will have a chance, if not to buy, then to drop by the showroom and see one of the finest automobiles in the world. And for the lucky Mumbai Internet billionaire, owning the very limited production Aston Martin One – 77 is now possible. According to the news, this $2.3 masterwork of engineering will be available to Indian buyers starting at 20 crore plus. Okay, just because no one but Salman Khan can afford the contraption is no reason to shun the news. We can dream.

Lalit Choudary, Director of Performance Cars Pvt Ltd, had this to add to the news:

“The One – 77 will be available to Indian buyers at a price of R 20 crore or more, making it the most expensive car in the world. It can be customized, so the cost can differ according to how it’s made.”

One would hope so. Of the rumored 77 of these beautiful machines to be made, reportedly only 7 will be offered for sale to Indian buyers. In fact, most of the One – 77’s being produced have already been sold. If you are like me though, just catching a glimpse of such an Aston Martin is a memorable occasion, even a moment for cheering the owner for getting there. Listening to Dr. Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin, describing this automobile, it reminds this writer of why we fall in love with cars in the first place. Cars for many, are a kind of pursuit of perfection – motion, art, existence rolled into one object. The motorcar is the closest thing the ordinary person can get to a jet fighter.

The One 77 will (like all Aston Martins) be hand built by the craftsmen at Warwickshire, England. Possessed of a 7.3 litre powerplant of immense technical genius, the car attains 750 bhp easily. This V12 is touted as one of the highest output engines anywhere in the world. In total technicians at Aston will spend nearly three thousand hours assembling these rare autos – by hand. Sean Connery himself never had it so good.

We leave you with some stunning images of the Aston Martin One 77. You can also visit the Aston Martin One – 77 official website for many more details. Or if you are the lucky type, pre-order your own. Make no mistake, this automobile is one of the most extraordinary machines ever created. Go to the site, watch the videos – if you love cars, you won’t be disappointed – this is the soul of performance.

Porter Novelli works in Public Relations for Aston Martin.

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