Passaic County, New Jersey Issues Marketing RFP

The Passaic County Board is seeking proposals from qualified and experience marketing, advertising, and public relations agencies to provide a multi-faceted marketing campaign to enhance Passaic County’s reputation as a regional visitor destination. The scope of work being solicited is comprised of three components: (1) creation of a digital marketing and media plan; (2) creative and advertising; and (3) tourism and travel public relations.

Proposals should build upon the “Rich History. Bright Future” brand platform and create a narrative for how visitation will be increased through itineraries, promotions, and events. The Respondent’s proposal must show an ability to tie together Passaic County’s tourist destinations, with an emphasis on the Passaic County Park System. Proposals should show the Respondent’s ability to use market research to identify target audiences and visitors and be able to propose a sample of event ideas to supplement and expand on those run by the Department.


The County of Passaic (hereafter “County”) is comprised of sixteen municipalities in northern New Jersey. The County is economically and demographically diverse, spanning dense urban centers in the southern end and more suburban and rural communities as one moves North and West. Consequently, the type of tourist and visitor attractions run the gamut – from the Great Falls National Historical Park in Paterson to the hiking trails of Wawayanda State Park in West Milford. Respondents are expected to develop a plan to tie these differences into one marketable package, emphasizing the strengths each region of the County possesses.

Over the last five (5) years, the County has seen its tourist economy growing at a steady pace according to statistics released yearly by the New Jersey Department of State and Visit NJ1. Moreover, the County has taken a number of steps to aid in this growth, and promote Passaic County as a regional destination. In June 2013, Passaic County adopted The Heritage Tourism Element of the Passaic County Master Plan 2 (hereafter “Heritage Tourism Plan”) which outlined five (5) recommendations related to tourism and transportation. Specifically, as follows:

                1. Develop a graphic identity and messaging plan for Passaic County;

                2. Countywide Interpretative Plan;

                3. Establish a Countywide Exhibit Program;

                4. Develop a Countywide Wayfinding System; and

                5. Create a Countywide Destination Marketing Organization.

All five (5) of these recommendations are in various phases of implementation. The Respondent will be required to become familiar with each, and provide professional and strategic advice to integrate the goals of the marketing campaign into these initiatives. Additionally, any proposed branding or color schemes must remain consistent with the Passaic County Wayfinding and Signage System Plan3.

Scope of Work:

                Part 1. Digital Marketing and Media Plan.

                Respondents shall summarize a comprehensive digital marketing and media plan, with a multi-faceted approach to reach different age groups, demographics, and socio-economic statuses. The primary goals are to maximize traffic, frequency, and engagement to, and on associated social media platforms controlled by the   Department.

                The plan should be key component to implement a campaign that utilizes social and       programmatic display advertising (display, mobile, in app). The purpose a campaign will create               awareness of our website through the targeted serving of banner ads and social media across all            digital channels and devices. The campaign should have a consistent, ongoing message with           themes that change throughout the campaign (i.e. Seasonal attractions, new attractions).

                Proposals may includethe following:

                                • A digital marketing strategy targeting leisure travelers within a ninety (90) to two hundred fifty (250) mile radius from Passaic County, as well as corporate and associated                                               meeting planners on the East Coast;

                                • Taking creative assets and serving them into chosen digital channels that will garnet the best responses at any given strategic instance;

                                • Creative and promotional tactics, including micro-sites and email acquisition;

                                • Execution, production, and trafficking of digital placements, as well as proposed media outlets to capture desired audiences;

                                • Creation of timeline on how each event, program, and/or attraction should be promoted; and

                                • Further development of digital and social media assets.

                Part 2. Creative and Advertising Materials.

                Respondent’s proposals should demonstrate an ability to design, develop, and create the following work product:

                                • A strategic advertising and promotional plan for Passaic County, emphasizing sites and destinations to feature in a campaign;

                                • The design of unique graphics, brochures, banners, and other collateral materials; and

                                • Production of video content, including but not limited to shorter commercials to                                           promote Passaic County, as well as longer productions to promote specific destinations,                                               parks, or historic sites.

                                The County reserves the right to print and disseminate any materials produced by the Respondent in furtherance of other marketing efforts.

                Part 3. Tourism and Travel Public Relations.

                Respondents shall provide a framework for accomplishing the following goals, as well as deliver  the services requested:

                                • Using identified themes, explore new ways of commonality characterizing Passaic County’s unique history, and translating into compelling story ideas, pitch angles, and                                    travel itineraries;

                                • Develop an ongoing public relations strategy and execution for earned media, targeting local and national media outlets;

                                • Aid in the production of viral social media content to supplement paid media campaigns, as well as advising the Department on best practices for using social media channels; and

                                • Enhance and supplement events already being run in Passaic County, and provide new                             ideas to draw new visitors to Passaic County.

Due Date:

March 12th, 2019. 


Passaic County Procurement Center

495 River St, 2nd Fl.

Paterson, NJ 07524

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