MWWPR: New Jersey PR Firm Profile

MWWPR: New Jersey PR Firm Profile

One of the world’s most well-known independent PR agencies, MWWPR specializes in integrated communications and crisis management. With eight offices spread across the United Kingdom and the United States, the firm has strategy, analytics, data, social media and creative teams.

Leadership and Clients:

MWWPR defines itself as a full-service firm that isn’t limited by the restrictions of expected thinking. Over the years, the company has built a name for itself by specializing in various fields all the way from consumer brands, to technology, public affairs, corporate reputation management, entertainment, sports, and wellness. MWWPR believes in people over services and uses intellect and instinct in everything they do. Some of the best known-clients who have built reputations working with MWWPR include Nikon, Red Lobster, Metrex, Atkins, Tidal, and more.

Perks and Problems:

MWWPR is proud of their culture-first approach to employment. They believe in putting people first – whether it’s their clients or their employees, which means that they should have a solid employment opportunity to offer aspiring agents. As a generous and progressive workplace, the company allows employees to work from home, and chart their own course according to their specific interests and expectations in their PR career.

Of course, depending on which account you’re working with, employees might find that work/life balance is difficult to come by at times. Additionally, some of the junior staff for this company have felt as though they’ve been overworked by the company.


MWWPR specialize in delivering custom service packages to their customers depending on their specific needs and requirements. However, some of the solutions the company offers include consumer marketing, health, and wellness planning, corporate reputation management, business to business marketing, and public affairs strategies. Other services include research and insights, social and digital marketing, and crisis management.

Getting a Job with MWWPR:

Like many companies in the fast-paced world of public relations, MWWPR is constantly looking for fresh blood to add to their team. Candidates who feel comfortable working in high-pressure circumstances with multiple clients at once will thrive in this company environment. The brand places a significant amount of value on working hard and executing careful business strategies.

Those interested in working with MWWPR can send their resume and cover letter to the company through their careers email address, or they can visit the job page on the company website to check out the available openings in their area.


One of the areas that MWWPR focuses heavily on with their PR strategies is storytelling. They believe that every great company starts with a vision, which is why they use their patented “StoryCorps” brand narrative package to help clients create the perfect narrative for their brands.

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