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With offices in New York, Astrsk PR is a public relations agency founded in 2012. The agency helps brands and corporations get positive media coverage, build public leadership campaigns and connect with brand advocates.

Astrsk PR was founded by Elliot Tomaeno, after his experience working with other public relations agencies in London, Paris, San Francisco, and New York City. The founder’s goal was to work with various business and consumer startups and help them get positive results that will impact the client’s bottom line.

The agency is filled with young PR professionals who are passionate about telling the stories behind companies. That’s why the team enjoys working with businesses filled with other people that are passionate about their work and love what they’re doing.

Although Astrsk PR was only created nearly a decade ago, the team at the agency has actually been working in the public relations industry for more than 15 years. All of that and more is what makes this agency the perfect collaborator for self-starters and entrepreneurs. Working with Astrsk PR means success practically for every client, and the agency managed to help launch over 200 companies in the first three years of its conception.

The agency knows how to craft the right brand image for its clients that truly connect with media outlets as well as target audiences, as well as develop strategic partnerships and utilize media relations. Not only that, but the agency donates 10% of its work time to pro bono work for companies that are in need of public relations to achieve faster growth.

Each client receives a tailored approach and a personalized campaign with unique strategies and tactics according to their needs. To achieve that goal in an effective manner, the team at Astrsk PR starts out by learning the client’s business operations, short and long-term goals and get an in-depth understanding of the client’s business.

This is an agency that believes not all types of press are productive, which goes against the popular belief that “all press is good press”. That’s mainly because brands and corporations that can spark original and authentic conversations in the public and with the media, conversations that truly matter to the company itself, have a more nuanced approach. This is the type of approach that Astrsk PR utilizes with its clients and one that brings plenty of success.

The media coverage service from Astrsk PR provides companies with plenty of positive mentions or features in relevant and notable outlets that will position the company as a thought leader. Through media coverage, the target audience, along with the general public, can get more familiar with the company itself, and its solutions.

Brand advocates can help further the media coverage efforts for companies, by promoting the company and its products or services to their own audiences, communities, or social circles. Although influencer marketing campaigns are incredibly popular when it comes to promotion, it’s actually brand advocates campaigns that generate better results.

That’s why plenty of brands and corporations have been working with Astrsk PR and benefitting from the agency’s PR efforts, such as Segway, Depop, MVMT, Squarespace, Prime Video, and many others.

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