BIGFish PR: Decent Boston PR Firm

Listed as a leading Boston PR firm, BIGFish PR brings more than 19 years of expertise to the PR space.

outed as an unconventional agency, its team helps clients redefine their space through strategic media campaigns and thoughtful storytelling. BIGFish PR’s award-winning team works with tech firms enabling them to secure leadership positions in their markets. Through traditional PR and digital media, the agency captures a greater market and mindshare via impossible-to-ignore content.

To understand the agency’s success, here is a brief overview of key case studies.

Bigfish PR Major Projects and Client Reviews

#1. iOttie

Bowing to the need to achieve a leadership position in the competitive mobile accessories market, iOttie chose BIGFish PR as a partner.

To achieve iOttie’s goal, BIGFish PR conducted rigorous product sampling and media outreach campaigns to increase consumer awareness and press coverage.

Since 2017 when the campaign kicked off, BIGFish has helped iOttie

secure 4.6 billion page impressions and 2,300 press hits

. Success in this campaign positioned the brand as a leader in the mobile accessories industry.

Thanks to BIGFish’s extensive PR outreach, traffic to iOttie’s website increased and the brand is now widely lauded as a leader in the mobile accessories space.

Following the campaign, Shep McAllister from Lifehacker pointed out that iOttie’s has been an impressive producer of smartphone car mounts for years. The reviewer highlighted that the company’s release of a Qi charging pad for home-use was a little surprising. However, the editor noted that the Qi charging pad was the best one could buy.

#2. Ring Video Doorbell

Since the launch of the Ring Video Doorbell, in 2014, BIGFish has partnered with Ring to position the brand’s products in lead position among rival security devices.

Through an aggressive outreach campaign around business stories, product reviews, and funding announcements, the PR agency identified creative ways to release Ring’s story to the press.

Results have been phenomenal. BIGFish secured significant reviews and media coverage in top-tier news and technology outlets. This generated market awareness of the company and positioned the brand as a leader in the security space.

Today, Ring continues to launch crime-prevention products and programs. With the help of BIGFish PR’s expertise, these products have continued to take a leadership position in the market.

According to a TechCrunch review, Ring’s products have proven to be beneficial additions to smart gadgets at home.

#3. Iceland Naturally

Driven by the need to raise awareness of Icelandic products, services, and culture among North Americans, Iceland Naturally sought BIGFish PR’s expertise.

Through well thought out content, shared via social media, web, email marketing, and public relations, BIGFish’s goal was to create a community of Iceland enthusiasts.

The results have been amazing. Today, Iceland Naturally is an influential voice on Icelandic products services and culture. As well, awareness of Iceland, among North Americans, continues to grow each year.

Put into perspective, Iceland Naturally’s twitter community grew from 1,600 to 51,900 followers in the 2010-2018 period.

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