Share Your Story With Intrepid PR

Founded in 1995, Intrepid PR is an integrated communications firm with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a firm that’s focused on helping different brands and corporations tell their stories and connect with their target audiences. Intrepid can develop and execute impactful, smart, and creative programs and communication platforms to help their clients build strong relationships with their audiences.

The team onboard Intrepid PR consists of various professionals from communications agencies, PR firms, and media organizations. Every team member brings clients unparalleled expertise in research, reporting, writing, project management, content strategy, and brand advocacy.

Every business has an important story it wants to share with the audience, and Intrepid PR has the expertise to help businesses tell their stores in the most powerful ways. Whether a business needs public relations, PR crisis, issues management, or marketing communications needs, with Intrepid PR, they can find a way with their innovative strategies and impactful time.

Intrepid PR provides crisis and issues management, and the firm has earned a national reputation because of its excellent ways of helping companies navigate any type of urgent crisis. The firm also provides public relations by creating the right messages, weaving them with the right campaigns and then placing them with the proper local and national media that Intrepid PR is connected to. Intrepid PR also provides marketing communications services, where it helps businesses plan, create, and execute comprehensive campaigns both online and offline.

Since its inception, Intrepid PR has managed over 200 PR crises for businesses, and the firm has been consulted on many more. Due to the experienced problem solver members at Intrepid PR, companies can help create strategies for any crisis or issue. The firm has plenty of resources that can be used for any tactic, from creating a simple media response to setting up marketing campaigns and mission control centers that can direct the public’s attention the right way.

Thanks to the team’s experience in a vast array of industries that range from transportation and technology to education and healthcare, Intrepid PR can greatly impact its clients. The firm has also established strong partnerships with its clients by creating and executing unique communications programs targeted and connected.

When the firm’s PR capabilities are paired with its marketing services, a client’s story can make an even bigger impact. Intrepid PR has developed strategy, branding, website design, media planning, and advertising for different local and international clients using best practices and a proven process.

Intrepid PR has excelled clients’ expectations by providing strategic messaging, creative content and solutions, media planning across all channels, proactive crisis planning, media relations, or public involvement. Intrepid’s clients have worked with the Utah Jazz Legacy Trust, the Utah Association of Realtors, UDOT, Snap, Mountain Heights Academy, Zimmerman Booher Law Firm, and many others.

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