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McNeely, Pigott & Fox

McNeely, Pigott & Fox, is a full-service public relations and communications company based in Tennessee. The organization prides itself on creating powerful, high-level strategies for a range of clients on a local, national, and regional basis. Founded by Mark McNeely and Mike Pigott in 1987, the firm has grown significantly over the decades.

Leadership and Clients:

From humble beginnings as a one-person consultancy in 1987, McNeely, Pigott and Fox has grown to become a powerful team of 70+ communications specialists and public relations experts, working with small and large clients from around the country. The organization recently lost one of its’ leaders in 2015, Mike Pigott.

MPF Public Relations, provides strategic communications services and PR to clients across a host of industries. Their present and past clients have achieved phenomenal success over the years thanks to their unique integrated approach. MPF builds its reputation working alongside organizations in the hospitality, tourism, and technology sectors, among others.

Clients included on the McNeely, Pigott and Fox roster include Calico, Be Well, Acumen, 505, Asurion, and many more.

Perks and Problems:

As an employer, McNeely, Pigott and Fox believe that doing the best work possible for their clients starts with taking care of their staff as much as they can. Part of this involves staff retreats twice a year that are filled with activities for professional development and team bonding. Previous employees say that working for MPF has helped them to build their knowledge in their industry and advance their career.


For its diverse selection of clients, the McNeely, Pigott and Fox agency offers a diverse and integrated approach to full-service communications and public relations. This organization knows what it takes to efficiently and effectively execute the most complex parts of a communications campaign, with work that results in hundreds of industry awards. They’ve been working with some of their clients for over 25 years, offering services like:

  • Advocacy
  • Advertising
  • Community relations and crisis communications
  • Branding and digital media
  • Graphic design
  • Event management
  • Grassroots campaigns
  • Media relations
  • Website development

Getting a Job with McNeely Pigott & Fox:

According to MPF, there’s a strong connection between doing great work, having fun and making lots of money. McNeely Pigott and Fox earn their reputation as one of the top agencies to work for in the world of public relations. Not only are they one of the largest independent firms in the South East, but they also focus on creating a lucrative work environment that their employees enjoy.

Candidates interested in joining the McNeely, Pigott and Fox team are encouraged to send their resumes and cover letters into the website email address.


The MPF motto is “Do Great Work, Have Fun, Make Money”. They feel that if they’re having fun while giving their clients exceptional service along the way everyone wins. The location features staff-wide cook-offs, rolling cocktail carts and more. They also have a pro bono program for those who want to give back to the community.

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