Get to Know Ditto PR

Ditto PR is a communications organization that works on execution, strategy, and impact. The company was founded in 2012 and is a public relations and communication organization.

Ditto started out as a communication and media relations firm but has since expanded its portfolio to include marketing and digital strategy, and content creation. The reason for this is to enable clients to enjoy the full set of services that they need under one roof in an integrated way.

Ditto PR’s approach is to help clients deliver the results they need by accumulating expert knowledge in their industry. They do this with an assembly of professionals with desirable personalities and approaches. A lot of emphasis is placed on creating synergy and cohesion among team members at Ditto.

This is the case because having synergy and cohesion allows everyone working for the firm to look forward to coming into the workplace, and a vibrant team culture allows clients to trust Ditto further. Ensuring positive energy at Ditto allows workers to be more creatively expressive, and makes workers more energetic.


Ditto PR’s Approach

Ditto believes in cracking an industry before working for clients in the industry. This is why the company inquires deeply to get a full picture of who the client is, their occupation, and why they chose to work in their industry. Next comes an analysis of the client’s competitors, and their communications strategy.

Once an understanding of the client’s business, industry, and competition have been made, Ditto PR then works toward creating an actionable and quantifiable plan for execution. This comes after research has been conducted as details gathered during research are considered in line with the organization’s goals.

Ditto PR aims to create a visible, quantifiable effect on the brands it works with through its PR campaigns. They aim to express the importance of their customers to their target audiences.      

Next comes communication which is precisely what Ditto does best.  Ditto PR believes communication is an important aspect of what brands do and is a vital part of efforts to create and maintain long-term relationships. The company believes listening is as important to brand communication as speaking so attention is paid to what is being said about clients.

This approach enables messages to be created with the right approach and be tailored to what clients need.

After communication comes evaluation with Ditto PR. At this stage, the results of campaigns are measured upon conclusion. Reference is made to the plan created for the client in stage 2. Campaigns are then evaluated based on the set goals, then a review of the entire campaign follows to ensure constant improvement.

Ditto employs a 360-degree outlook on marketing and communication and also specializes in financial communications, blockchain technology, education, cryptocurrency, and more. Ditto makes the frustrations of clients their own and try to fully grasp the obstacles that clients attempt to overcome in their respective industries.

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