Lippe Taylor: Committed PR Agency

Founded in 1989 by a leading media voice Maureen Lippe, Lippe Taylor has thrived into a PR and digital marketing agency that’s committed to creating riveting brand messages. Through a creative and strategic combination of PR, analytics, digital content, and social Media, Lippe’s team leverages influential voices and earned media to create brand messages that engage the client’s target audiences.

Through a unique mix of digital marketers, media experts, researchers and creatives, and communication pros, Lippe Taylor brings a highly effective and talented team to each client’s project. Thanks to its tailor-made approaches, the agency creates marketing solutions that bring each brand’s solution to life. 

What’s more, the agency’s marketing and communication strategies are mainly digital, driving more engagement to a target audience.

Key Leaders Of Lippe Taylor

#1. Maureen Lippe, Founder and Chairman

Lippe has pioneered several approaches in marketing healthcare and consumer products to the women populace. Having worked as an editor for leading magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, Lippe’s expertise has played an important role in successfully launching close to 300 brands in the beauty, healthcare, and consumer spaces.

With more than 30 years of experience in the marketing and communication space, and having served in some notable boards, Lippe has steered the agency to secure the status of the most effective agency in terms of earned media results.

Lippe has provided tailored and high-quality brand-building solutions for global brands like Johnson & Johnson, Kmart, Nordstrom, Elizabeth Arden, Galderma, Procter & Gamble, IKEA, Allergan, and Clairol. What’s more, Lippe Taylor’s founder and chairman started the SHEQUALITY Initiative seeking the advancement of female pros to executive positions in the PR industry.

Lippe was recently honored as a “Woman Who Cares” by the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, is deeply committed to linking brands with charitable networks and cause-related marketing approaches.

#2. Paul Dyer, CEO

Having joined Lippe Taylor’s leadership team in 2017, Paul Dyer leveraged his expertise to develop a tailored data science platform for the award-winning agency. At the same time, Dyer played a key role in restructuring the agency, enabling it to function as an integrated marketing and communication entity.

Thanks to more than seven years of leadership experience at the W2O Group, Dyer’s contribution has enabled Lippe Taylor to double in three years. What’s more, Dyer plans to double the organization’s activities within the next five years.

Serving as the acting president since January 2017, Dyer was qualified to occupy the CEO’s seat after Lippe Taylor’s founder ceded the CEO position to step into the newly-created chairman’s position. Dyer’s expertise has been crucial to the dramatic evolution of Lippe Taylor’s creative, digital, influencer, and analytics capabilities.

Notable Award

#1. 2019’s North America Small PR Agency of the Year

Winning the 2019 North American Small PR agency of the year confirms the phenomenal transformation of Lippe Taylor from digital follower to digital leader. The fashion and beauty specialist agency leverages more than three decades of experience to deliver exceptional results. What’s more, the agency transformed into a distinctly digital agency that employs analytics to drive its marketing and communication strategies.

To add, the firm’s leadership position was driven by its novel developments. Worth noting, the agency develops tailored algorithms, semiotics, and linguistic tools that enable marketing and communication insights from data. The agency’s Starling AI platform, for instance, helps measure influence using seven metrics that go beyond reach to analyze momentum and impact.

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