Buttonwood Communications Group: PR Company Profile

Founded in 2015, the boutique public relations, marketing, and strategic communications firm Buttonwood Communications Group specialize in financial services. This is a firm that helps clients see the larger strategic picture, while also developing ideas for them that can be broadcasted through the various communications channels in a way that will add value and create meaningful results for the client.

The firm offers its clients a variety of different services that are best used in combination with one another to attain the optimal results that each business needs.

Buttonwood Communications Group offers corporate communications strategy services, as well as planning and execution of those strategies. The firm employs a very comprehensive process that it uses in order to develop the most effective strategy that can be used for the client to achieve their communications goals.

This is a service that has been used by hedge funds to navigate various types of crises, including disputes and litigation or banks for managing their brands by using external and internal campaigns.

The firm offers public relations strategy, planning, and execution services for its clients, which is still a great way for journalists and reporters to be compelled by various businesses’ narratives and achieve great success. With this service, Buttonwood Communications Group offers its clients media placements on well-known platforms, through identifying what that business really needs and seizing each available opportunity. This is done through a combination of thoughtful partnering, content, events as well as distribution tactics.

Another service that the firm offers is thought leadership conception, creation, and promotion, through well written, carefully crafted content that promotes the right messages to target audiences, which is essential for any successful communications campaign.

Buttonwood Communications Group has managed to create content that drives industry discussion through survey and data, as well as position clients as thought leaders within their own industries by assisting in conceiving and placing content on relevant topics.

Finally, Buttonwood Communications Group also offers its clients marketing strategy, planning, creative development, and execution services, which helps clients launch new products, update websites, overhaul brands, or simply name new companies.

The firm diligently approaches each task with the understanding that the clients have to achieve their communications goals, and for that, they need an adequate skill set. For that reason, Buttonwood Communications Group formed a team that consists of both internal as well as external professionals who will provide clients with a full range of capabilities.

The excellent team of professionals on-board Buttonwood Communications Group offers terrific client service to businesses with experts who are fully engaged with the client’s business all throughout the partnership.

The firm was founded by Justin Meise, who has 20 years of experience in the public relations, marketing, and communications industry. He has an impressive track record of designing and managing very successful promotional programs for his clients. Buttonwood Communications Group has worked with FTSE Russell, Westchester Capital Management, Parametric, Merrill Lynch, and Carson Institutional Alliance, among many others.

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