Rebellious PR & Consulting Q & A

Due to these unprecedented times, many small business owners are altering their services to adapt—while some of these changes are positive, others, unfortunately, are not. However, these drastic changes have proven that many companies (big and small) need public relations.

Rebellious PR & Consulting, a leading public relations firm dedicated to serving small businesses and defiant founders who are creating revolutionary work, has the answers to a few common PR questions asked by small businesses. Answering these questions is the first step to successfully executing PR and ultimately generating revenue. 

Below are few questions many of our clients ask:

  1. How do you effectively communicate with your targeted audience?

The basis of all public relations is effective communication. In order to communicate effectively to an external audience, it’s important to clearly define your organization’s overall goals and mission. This clear message should translate not only on your business website, but on social media platforms, press releases, pitches, and anywhere else your message is shared. 

  • Does customer satisfaction affect public relations efforts?

Yes, you’ve heard this over and over again, but word of mouth can still make or break you. Outstanding customer service goes a long way! If your customers are not happy with your business or products, all of your PR efforts could potentially become crisis control and that’s not good (or fun).

How do you know who’s your targeted audience and how to reach them? 

To effectively reach your target audience, you must be aware of who makes up their demographic so you can identify what your consumers are interested in and where they receive their news. In order to accurately depict your audience, begin by analyzing metrics, KPI’s, and your overall organization’s goals. Compare who you would like your product/ service to reach with who it’s actually reaching, and reevaluate if your efforts are working.

Why do I need Public Relations?

Public relations expands your reach, which can be difficult on your own. We recommend hiring a well trained PR agency or professional. However, the first step could be reaching out to your local media, next any niche publications, and lastly popular publications that identify with your business. Overall, your goal should be to utilize the full marketing pie.  

The Rebellious Team has defined these answers as the four CORE PR tips; clear communication, outstanding customer service, reaching your targeted audience and expanding your business. After assisting multiple clients and seeing tremendous growth despite the pandemic, these tips are proven to be a basic recipe for PR success.

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