Using AI for Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Using AI for Your Digital Marketing Strategies
Using AI for Your Digital Marketing Strategies

When AI first burst onto the technology scene, there was an outpouring of conspiracy theories about robots controlling the world. Today, however, things have changed: people appear to have overcome their fear of the unknown, and AI is leading the charge into a bright new world. In this world, using artificial intelligence to formulate a digital marketing strategy isn’t just a gimmick, it’s smart business.

Using artificial intelligence can give your digital marketing strategies an edge over other competitors in your industry in a number of ways. First, by analyzing data collected to predict consumers’ buying behaviors and decisions, businesses are far more capable of understanding their audience. This can lead to improvisation in your user experience, such as enhancing your website or using AI as a tool to showcase tailored deals to consumers based on their shopping carts.

Second, AI allows you to automate those mundane and repetitive tasks that you would otherwise hire help for. The age of AI holds an untapped opportunity for increased productivity and major cost savings.

Third, utilizing AI helps boost decision making by helping you curate better content. The implementation of AI digital marketing strategies will help point you in the right direction, turning “maybe we should try this” into “this will work.”

Indeed, there is a vast number of possible applications for AI in your business, no matter your industry. Some examples include:

  1. Content Generation

Human writers beware, AI writers already exist. Though they are expensive, they are able to produce substantially more work than a human in a day. Beware, however, that certain sites like Forbes or The Washington Post do not accept AI-generated content. Plan accordingly.

  • Content Curation

AI is more than just a writer for your business, especially when it comes to SEO. AI is able to curate content and help you reach your target audience far better, and faster than a human strategist is able to do.

  • Email Marketing

With AI, you can personalize your email marketing campaigns based on user behavior and preferences. This tool is already in use by a vast number of brands, with Boombtrain, Phrasee, and Persado providing some of the best applications at present.

  • Digital Advertising

Facebook, Googling and other technology companies are already well on their way to using AI for their digital advertising. AI allows a firm to better understand each user based on their searches, likes, and interests. Through strong user experience design, advertisers are able to influence consumers according to an overall strategy.

  • Web Design

You might think that you need a good programmer and design in order to launch your best website. A few years ago, this was certainly the case, but AI has also got this part figured out. Grid, for example, uses artificial intelligence to design and personalize a website according to the user’s information. Requiring you to input only images, text and a call-to-action or two, Grid utilizes AI to make a professional website in very little time, at an affordable price.

In this brave new world, AI is the ultimate tool in delivering a customized and optimized, experience for each consumer. Adapt your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

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