Seattle Colleges Issues Design, Advertising, and Digital Marketing RFP

Seattle Colleges Issues Design, Advertising, and Digital Marketing RFP
Seattle Colleges Issues Design, Advertising, and Digital Marketing RFP

The AGENCY, Seattle Colleges, is looking for assistance in enhancing its image and reputation (as a district) across the region while, simultaneously, showcasing the positive aspects of each of the three colleges and satellite campuses that comprise the district. Seattle Colleges is soliciting proposals from firms with marketing and communications campaign experience that are interested in providing the support that includes: graphic design, developing and refining key messages and marketing materials, advertising (especially digital and social media), photography/videography, and media relations. The vendor will work closely with communications personnel across the Seattle Colleges in the planning and execution of advertising, marketing, and public relations campaigns.


Seattle Colleges is comprised of three colleges: Seattle Central College, North Seattle College, South Seattle College; five specialty centers, and district office. Seattle Colleges plays a special role in higher education in the Seattle region. It is larger than most community and technical colleges but smaller than most universities in the region. It offers a variety of degree and career training programs. It is accessible, affordable, diverse, and inclusive. Three areas where Seattle Colleges is focusing a significant amount of attention in the near term are: · Seattle Colleges Foundation · Seattle Promise · Student Recruitment

Scope of Work:

Working with communications personnel across the Seattle College District—including the District, Seattle Central College, North Seattle College, South Seattle College, and the Seattle Colleges Office of Advancement/Seattle Colleges Foundation—the selected contractor will supplement Seattle Colleges’ marketing, image and reputation, and communications campaign efforts with expertise in developing and refining communication materials—both traditional and digital—and the implementation and execution of various advertising and promotional plans.

The selected contractor will provide the following services as needed: 1. Overall Awareness, Image, and Reputation Building a. Develop and deliver plans to improve Seattle Colleges’ image and reputation with key stakeholders b. Expand the awareness and understanding with key stakeholders of the colleges’ strategic plan and integration efforts, community partnerships, and contributions to the community c. Stakeholders and influencers for image and reputation activities: i. Government officials at all levels ii. Community and business leaders and influencers iii. Opinion leaders and decision-makers iv. Seattle Colleges’ alumni, donors, and foundation board members v. Seattle Colleges’ employees

2. Campaign Development and Planning a. Work with communications staff to develop a short- and long-term marketing and communications campaigns (that can be easily modified as results determine); develop and coordinate the production of related materials – both print and digital; and to implement a plan(s) for the following (itemized): i. Recruitment campaigns for working adults, transfer students, and Seattle Promise high school students (tactics and strategies may be different for the three colleges) ii. Image and reputation campaign for Seattle Colleges b. Assist with graphic design and the development of visual identity for Seattle Colleges Office of Advancement / Seattle College Foundation (SCF) for a basic set of publications, collateral, and related materials. Note: Advancement / SCF is in process of establishing a visual identity. Assist in the development and work with preparation for the tentatively named “Promise Plus” fundraising campaign ramp up, beginning in fall 2019 with plans for full launch with a signature event in 2020.

3. Media Buying, Ad Development and Production with a primary focus on Student Recruitment: a. Act as a media buying partner with Seattle Colleges Communications for: i. Digital advertising ii. Print and traditional advertising b. Assist in development and production of digital and print ads c. Assist in development and implementation of a social media campaign to reinforce the digital advertising campaign Request for Qualifications and Quotation No. 700600

Due Date:

4:00 PM PDT, Thursday, August 22, 2019


Lisa Gacer

Seattle Colleges District 1500 Harvard Ave.

Seattle, WA 98122

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Makovsky PR.

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