Financial PR Firms: ICR, Prosek Partners, Makovsky, Peppercomm, and Dukas

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Want to know about the PR firms that specialize in financial areas? Here are a few that are in this complex field.

icr inc

ICR pairs veterans in capital markets with top communications professionals bringing comprehensive sector understanding to their clients in 20 or more industries. They are one of the most experienced independent advisory firms in the U.S. with offices in New York, Boston, Connecticut, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Beijing China. Their clients include Lululemon Athletica, Herbalife, Chunghwa Telecom, Michaels, and Williams-Sonoma.

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Prosek Partner’s offices are located in New York City, Connecticut, and London England. Jennifer Prosek, CEO wrote a book about her experience in building her small Connecticut PR firm into an international communications consultancy called, Army of Entrepreneurs. In the book she explains, “Our creative, entrepreneurial culture attracts and retains the most talented professionals.

Employees develop an ‘owner’s mindset,’ delighting clients with top-quality service, fresh ideas, and flawless execution.” They offer a comprehensive service to clients including investor relations, corporate communications, and a top-ranked deal shop. She is a smart, going-places woman running a smart agency.

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They are a founding member of IPREX, the second largest group of independent PR agencies. Their offices are in New York City and Washington DC. Makovsky’s brand energy concept of “The Power of Specialized Thinking,” sticks with innovation, education, initiation, collaboration, communication, and motivation. Some of their clients are Bausch & Lomb, American Express, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cracker Barrel, Verizon, and Paycom Payroll.

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Peppercomm has offices in New York City, London, and San Francisco. They think holistically, and work with agility while offering strategy, and creativity for their clients. Their expertise is in financial services, technology, non-profit and cause marketing, industrial, consumer, and professional services. In many ways, this firm is a remnant of the .com era – but still does work for certain financial clients.


Dukas PR is a New York City firm, and a firm we generally do not hear positive things about. We hear things like “sweat-shop”, cookie-cutter and non-innovative for this boutique firm specializing in financial services clients. They do have a few strong employees who place clients on CNBC, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg, and others.

Do you know of other strong financial services PR firms? Tell us about them in the comments section.

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