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A recent editorial by Makovsky PR informs possible customers how to retain a green energy PR company that knows the business, and works for the goals of their employer. The idea is that the green energy industry is at a critical juncture, where targeted PR campaigns can and will make a difference.

PR campaigns add to the myriad of incentives that already help to drive industry growth, including investment and production tax credits, carbon taxes, greenhouse gas cap and trade legislation, loan guarantees and economic stimulus packages. But government budget crises combined with tightening credit and venture capital markets, and the fact that the world’s natural resources are growing scarcer, may pose as many problems for businesses in the green energy industry.

Makovsky & Company makes readers aware of the fact that environmental concern is a good move for any organization, as there already is an intense focus on the green energy industry among media and government audiences. For businesses, the best move would be to use the momentum and increase the interest of the public as well. PR companies specialized in green energy PR can drive campaigns that cut through the media clutter and help drive sales, increase brand awareness with key audiences, secure investment and government funding, and boost company valuation.

Makovsky PR Company is only one of the green energy public relations companies that can “offer your business assistance in your campaign for being an environmental advocate and provide you with insights, as well as inputs, on planning and implementing programs that will boost your company going green.”

There are numerous other agencies you could employ – a simple Google search, however, places Makovsky at the top of the results. This says a lot about relevance – if you are to employ a company to assist while you are looking to pursue breakthroughs in sustainability, consider the most relevant not only in search, but also in actions. See who are their customers, ask for case studies, and inquire about what strategies they will employ to spread your message.

Your PR company should never act without your consent, under no circumstances.

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