Dukas Linden PR: A New York Public Relations Firm

Dukas PR: A New York Public Relations Firm

Dukas PR: A New York Public Relations Firm

Like many New York City PR firms, Dukas Linden PR is always busy, and every courtesy is offered to people walking in their door – sometimes they do good work and sometimes they do not.  It’s one of those agencies which is perceived as very much hit or miss.

Dukas started down the PR path during his college years when he attended an event talking about Lebanon and their battles with Israel. He saw how the press seemed to tilt in one direction and because of the tilt, foreign policy tilted that way too. He said he wanted to do what he could to tilt things in favor of Israel and other ideals he held high.

He also said, PR sounded better than law school. Fast forward and you see DPR, a firm that in recent years has gained momentum because of their efforts in the financial sector. Their sector focus is on asset management, financial services, and B2B/professional services.

DPR is especially strong in the broadcast arena averaging 50 bookings a month on CNBC, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg, and others. Some of their clients are Raymond James, Muddy Waters, Sqad, Vivint.Solar, CUNA, and The Edge.

Who is Dukas Linden PR?

Dukas PR primarily works with ETFs, hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity, institutional investment, investment banking, wealth management, and fintech. They also help companies with their insurance, compliance, risk management, accounting, law, and management consulting.

Besides the on-air coverage, they frequently have client information featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, and Barron’s. Also on websites such as The Deal, Institutional Investor, Pensions & Investments, and others.

Because of their rapid growth over the last several years, on June 25, 2014, DPR announced Seth Linden’s promotion to President, while Richard Dukas remains the Chairman and CEO.  Linden first started at DPR in 2006 as their senior account executive and was later promoted as DRP’s executive VP. At the time Dukas said, “A consummate PR professional, he has played an integral role in DPR’s success to-date – as a client service practitioner and as a manager of our staff and the agency as a whole.”

Dukas Linden PR Clients

DPR has more than 40 clients – and we have heard that they do have a high-turnover of clients.  We should stress that they do have some very happy clients – although they also have some who are not happy.

DPR has won awards for their work – and there is a certain ease and perception of Dukas as a family owned business. Dukas is an Orthodox Jew though he was raised in a conservative family. As an adult, he made the decision to shift to a more serious approach to his beliefs.

The employees are a mix of belief systems, which makes it workable when client’s needs arise on Saturdays or other holy days. His clients are also aware and know who to contact at the firm when Dukas is not available.


Dukas Linden PR also gave some advice in the interview for those looking for a job, and particularly if they wanted to work at a firm like his. To sum up his advice, do your homework, know why you want to work at that particular company and be able to verbalize those thoughts.

Don’t go into an interview talking about yourself, but do talk about what you can do to help the company grow. When you do that, you show you are a good salesman, you present well in front of others, and you are willing to put the time in before the meeting to show yourself and your company in the best light.

As of November 2015, the firm has been re-branded to be named Dukas-Linden Public Relations.

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