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Smart Marketing Page (SMP) leverages the best content to create an SEO-enhanced, interactive multimedia news and information experience for audiences.

More than ever, whether it’s news, products, or services, in the business world, packaging counts. Innovative web and multi-media marketing campaigns continue to up the ante on how engaging and dynamic the information companies share should be.

Platforms like Business Wire’s Smart Marketing Page allow businesses to represent themselves through audio-visual and interactive media components.

Dynamic engagement strategies provide consumers, reporters and target audiences what they really want; an experience and feel for your brand, not a synopsis.

One-size-fits-all models can be useful in early stages, but as a company grows, and distinguishes itself, it’s important that every aspect of its online presence reflect it’s unique brand.

The Smart Marketing Page (SMP) offers a customizable template that allows users to tailor the infrastructure around their work and not the other way around. The SMP allows for various forms of embedded content, including press releases, videos, photos, polls, purchasing links as well as social media sharing features. The combination most communicators look for are effective tools and platform, plus reach.

Through Smart Marketing Page, the press release and multimedia content are issued to news media and posted to online sites via Business Wire’s broad news network.  Companies can measure and analyze reach through interactive report dashboards.  Business Wire maintains 31 bureaus worldwide and it’s patented NX delivery platform provides simultaneous full-text posting of Business Wire content to news systems and websites in virtually any country or language.

Practically speaking, the Smart Marketing Page helps communications professionals reach the bottom line: enhance brand SEO, audience engagement and customer conversion.  Tom Becktold, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Business Wire suggests: “The ability to marry the SEO, messaging and branding efforts of public relations and marketing is tremendously important.”

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