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Barkley Inc: Kansas City PR, Marketing & More… 0

Barkley Inc: Kansas City PR, Marketing & More…

Barkley Inc. is an independent full-service advertising agency based in Kansas City, Missouri. They were formerly known as Barkley Evergreen & Partners and are one of the largest independent advertising agency in the U.S.,...

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Leading Kansas City PR Agencies

Check out some of the top independent Public Relations firms in the Kansas City area: Trozzolo Communications Group TCG specializes in providing strategy, social branding, digital service, PR, and crisis communications. They cleverly use...

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The Topeka Google Logo and Brand Strength

For April Fools Google changes its name to Topeka. The interesting thing is how Topeka changes the city’s name to Google. The city website is now called “The City of Google”, so millions may think Google bought Topeka perhaps? Google’s brand is so strong the sky is the limit as far as their applying it.